How to get Rapunzel hair instantly

by - 4/08/2021


Every girl dreams of a good hair day...everyday!
Which girl does not dream of hair like Rapunzel's? Or which guy does not fantasy a girl who has Rapunzel hair? I bet there is hardly a guy who likes short hair in girls. However we girls have to deal with so many things that keeping long hair may or may not be feasible. First of all, they are tough to grow. Secondly they are even tougher to maintain! Also we girls prefer to change our looks from time to time. If our profession does not permit us to have long hair that does not mean that we can't have our Rapunzel moment! eg a gynecologist has such a busy schedule that she can't afford to maintain long mane. But she definitely can glam up during party time with hair extensions!
I have been a short hair girl since my childhood. My mom used to believe that the time 'wasted' for maintaining long hair should be put into studies. She was absolutely right. But being an avid dancer I always needed long hairstyles. Be it a braid, a long pony or a bun, a dance performance made me nervous because of my hair deficiencies. The accessories which I used in those times were not efficient. I mean I remember using socks for buns, ready made synthetic braids and synthetic ponytails. Not only they looked fake but fixing them was a nightmare for me. 
Recently when I was styling a friend with short hair, I wanted long locks for her. I started searching the web for hair extensions when I stumbled across a wonderful site . I was stunned by the myriads of bundles they have and how real they look! From ponytails to clip ons to wigs to buns to name it , they have it!

For my friend, I chose different hairstyles for her different looks.

These feature a flexible transparent wire. Ideal for people with short or thinning hair.

Made with 100 % human hair they come in a variety of lengths and textures like curly or straight. Also they are available in a variety of colours. It is very easy to fix!
This look is dreamy with soft waves. Goes beautifully with flowy dresses or gowns.

2. human hair wigs These always look pretty. Made of 100% human hair, you have to take good care of them.

These have a long lifespan and shine. The perfection wig can be parted in any direction with the free part.
 This is my go to daytime look. Also I love this hairstyle with workout gear. Not to forget it looks lovely with denims or any kind of no frills look.

3 Hair Toppers: This gives you fuller look instantly. Ideal for people with advanced hair loss. Made with 100% human hair, this gives ultimate fullness with minimum small clips. Perfect for a cocktail attire or any kind of fancy party look. Not to forget  they are available in a variety of colours. They have an adjustable strap too!

As I grew up and joined college, I started growing my hair long. Now I no more need extensions but a little bit of more length and volume is always welcome! Plus there is hardly any need to take care of them.
Whether a ponytail or hair let down, I love to play with my locks!
So what are you waiting for? Go unleash your inner Rapunzel.

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