How to tone your midriff?

by - 4/30/2021

 As the summers are approaching, it's time to bid goodbye to all those layers of clothing and layers of fat in our midriff! There are numerous ways to achieve so however I used to feel hopeless before I discovered

1. Count your macros: Weight loss is 80% diet and 20 % exercise. So the first step towards losing that weight is to cut down your macronutrients. Half the amount of rice you usually eat, cut down one roti and so on. There is nothing possible like spot reduction, so you need to focus losing that weight uniformly.

2. Go on a Calorie deficit diet: The second point also pertains to diet because believe me, diet IS going to make the biggest difference! It's simple mathematics. When you burn more calories than you consume, you are going to lose weight and vice versa! Since you cannot burn too many calories by workout alone, you need to cut down your calories drastically.

3. Abdominal exercises: All type of crunches are going to be your best friend.

4. Don't skip cardio: Just focusing on the midriff won't do the trick. You need to put your entire body to work to shed that flab.

Cheat code to get a flat tummy:

Not all of us can burn that stubborn tummy fat! It requires a lot of hard work, dedication and time. However that should not deter us from wearing that pretty little bodycon dress that we saved for summers! So I have a quick solution for you all! has the best shapewear for tummy and waist. I wish I had found the site before, I would not have to flaunt my tyres last year. Thankfully, this year it's going to be different for me!

a. Shapewear: It's a life saver. Literally. It shapes your hips, waist and thighs. You can use it daily and it's a boon for new mommies in their post partum period. It slims your waist and thighs and gives maximum compression. 

Pros of the shapewear:

► Natural Butt Lift

► Removable & Adjustable Straps

► Side Zipper to maintain invisibility underneath all clothing;

► Zipper on crotch available for easy bathroom use;

► Low Back so you can wear this underneath backless dresses.

b. Waist Trainer: It can be worn during workout because it does not roll up. Has double waist belts that ensure maximum compression and has adjustable velcro straps. It reduces three sizes instantly. It's highly elastic and durable. This site definitely has the best workout trainer.

So fellas, how have you decided to get that flat tummy?

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  1. Diet and focused exercse helps in permanently tone the midriff. These are some implementable suggestions.

  2. Shapewear many people uses & I want to try it too.
    Ofcourse I wish for fair tummy but... heheh.
    Anyways am trying to be healthy.

  3. Oh this is some awesome wear for shaping up our waist and paunches. Will check them out soon. Pandemic is not helping slim us down anyway

  4. your recommendation makes life this summer easier :) going down a size or three sounds really promising as do the idea of managing diet and exercise.

  5. This is exactly what I was thinking. I definitely need to do the focused exercises as that is something that I am lacking. And surely the diet helps especially counting the calories consumed.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. Flat tummy is like a dream for me. But still I am trying to achieve this. These shapewear are great. Will checkout soon.

  7. Shapewear for all outfits is perfect to achieve a smooth and sleek finish. Will checkout soon.

  8. Oh this is my favorite topic and I think I need to work on my midriff too. But these days are really something when I'm not getting vibes for exercise and all. Hope for some good days

  9. Thanks for sharing so many suggestions. It's really quiet helpful. Daily exercise and diet really helps in toning midriff

  10. I would love to start my exercise regime. Your blog has aroused my interest yet again. Right now fighting a pandemic, while also praying for a better tomorrow.

  11. I really want to try shapewear, it's hard to fit in tight fit dress specially when you have big tyres sneaking out.

  12. I really loved the tips that suggest to get a toned midriff. Shapewears are definitely saviours for body hugging dresses

  13. I really loved the tips that suggest to get a toned midriff. Shapewears are definitely saviours for body hugging dresses

  14. The pandemic and staying at home is not doing any good to my body. Unnecessary snacking while working or watching TV had become a habit but now I'm conscious about it.

  15. I have seen many people using shapewear. I want to try it too. However, I was never aware it helps like this as well.

  16. Awesome and interesting article. Great things you've always shared with us. Thanks. Just continue composing this kind of post.