Tips to look fit without working out

by - 8/05/2021


 I bet the title must have intrigued you. And I am not joking. There ARE ways to look fitter and slimmer temporarily (which of course can become permanent if maintained) which does not involve working out or crash dieting. Believe me, these are tried and tested formulae which I apply on myself from time to time and also advice for free to my friends and family!

If you are anyone like me, a mom of two kids overburdened with household work, who does not have time for washing her hair; leave alone taking care of herself by working out, then these are the tips you should be swearing by. Not that I am promoting anything unhealthy or duping you, these small steps when incorporated religiously, can really help become fitter.

These lockdown has made pyjamas the national costume; which means that whenever I try to slip into 'normal clothes' for a campaign shoot, I am unable to fit! I have not worked out in ages and am forever hungry (partly stress eating, partly boredom and partly excessive exhaustion). So what I do is that when I know that I need to get dressed, I start my cheat code before a day or two. So here I am sharing my secrets with you all.

1. Quit salt and all things that contain sodium. Almost every female suffers from water retention. Some have perceptible signs while others are lucky. Puffy face in the morning anyone?

So basically quitting salt for two days can help you shed that water retention weight. You would feel less bloated and tighter. Avoid all salty snacks and frozen food. The Sodium in them is the culprit.

2. Early dinner The secret to  fitter body is to eat, but in moderation. Have a nice , elaborate dinner (no one is stopping you )but before 7 PM and don't do any late night snacking. I used to be a chronic snacker throughout the night in my teens and college days and never gained a single gram! But now I don't have that metabolism and I immediately gain weight/ look and feel bloated whenever I binge at midnight. So an early dinner is the secret.

3. Make shapewear your best friend : I know the pain (emotional and physical) of being unable to zip up your favourite dress. I have destroyed so many of them (broke the zip while trying to squeeze in). This was before I knew about shapewear. These work like miracle. A full body shapewear helps you squeeze into your skinny jeans or fitted jumpsuit or a clingy dress without having to break an arm or a leg!

These are breathable, cling free fabric with adjustable straps and are seamless to give that flawless finish. Also these have an open crotch for the nature's calls! How thoughtful right?

4. Eliminate as much carbs as possible: I am not suggesting to go for a Keto diet, they are neither practical nor healthy. However by reducing the amount of carbs you have daily, you would be able to look fitter. If you have 2 chapatis, make it one. If you take a bowl of rice, make it half. Avoid high glycemic index foods like poha, suji, pasta and refined flour stuff. Have as much salads and fruits possible as they provide fullness.

5. Switch to low fat dairy: I am not asking you to eliminate dairy, only switch to a healthier version. Have skimmed milk and use it for you tea/ coffee and other beverages. Don't take store bought yogurt. Set your own with skimmed milk. Small steps everyday make a lasting impression.

These are some of the tips that can really have permanent positive impact when incorporated for a longer period. For those instant fixes, I highly rely on body shaper for women anytime. I love they have a comfortable fit and yet firms tummy, thighs and buttocks. The soft cups are compression free and these have adjustable straps; to name a few.

So girls, what are your tips and tricks to look fitter instantly? Share right away!

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