Glam on the Go: Travel-Friendly Hair Topper Essentials

by - 1/23/2024


Hairpieces for women are a fabulous fashion accessory and hair loss remedy. They sit on top of the head and add extra volume and length to existing hair, and can also cover severe thinning and balding. When someone finally decides to take the plunge and get a hair topper, they will never want to take it off. And why should they! Looking fabulous comes easy with hair toppers for women.

But sometimes, life takes you away from home, and knowing what’s needed when travelling with a topper can be tricky at first. You may not want to take your full maintenance toolkit with you, but you definitely need to pack a few things. So what are the essentials? Read ahead to find out!

Small-sized glue or tape

Wig glue or tape are frequently used adhesives among hair topper wearers. They keep the topper securely on the head and keep the front hairline laid down flat on the scalp, making it look natural. For convenience and cost-saving, many people prefer to buy their adhesive in bulk when they know it is something they will be continually using over long periods of time. It just makes sense and works out to be cheaper to buy the largest bottle of glue once a year over purchasing a small bottle every month. However, large bottles of glue or rolls of tape can pose issues when traveling. Glue especially may pose problems on flights, and both will take up extra space in your luggage that you may want to use for something else, particularly if you want to travel light. For these reasons, it is always a good idea to have a travel-sized version of your adhesive of choice ready for any trips you might take. Get a small bottle of glue or just a few tape strips to take with you on your journey.

Travel comb

Keeping your women’s hair pieces looking good and well-groomed isn’t something that will just stop because you are away from home. It doesn’t matter whether you are on vacation or at a 2-day business conference; a tangled and messy hair topper won’t feel or look good. But bringing a full set of brushes and combs with you like you might have at home is simply not realistic. You can’t bring the whole bathroom with you, even if you might want to. The best option is to find one small brush or comb that works for basic styling and detangling and make that part of your travel kit. A wide-toothed comb is an excellent choice as they are gentle on hair toppers for women but still effective and also takes up only a small amount of space. A wig brush or loop brush is also good to style and brush women’s hair toppers, but they tend to be a bit thicker and take up more space than combs, so be on the lookout for small or travel-sized versions of these products.

Backup piece

This is the most commonly forgotten travel essential for hair toppers for women wearers, but it really is a must! In particular, if you use a hair topper every day or do not want others to know that you use a hairpiece, it is imperative to always have a backup topper available for use. This is because you never know when disaster might strike, especially when travelling. Unforeseen circumstances like ripped bases, shedding hair, lost luggage, and more can mean that suddenly your main hairpiece is no longer usable, and being away from home, you may not be able to just get a new one. For this reason, having a second piece with you both at home and when traveling can help to alleviate anxiety and solve emergency problems. Just make sure to store it properly, preferably in something with a bit of structure, like a box to protect from travel and regular wear-and-tear that can happen to women’s hairpieces when they aren’t on your head.

Traveling can be a wonderful and exciting experience, but it can also be a stressful nightmare, especially when it comes to packing. Paring down what you need to travel with can help make packing a less stressful and time-consuming process and make the traveling itself easier with less to haul with you. When traveling with a hairpiece, make sure to only take the essentials, but don’t forgo bringing the necessities of hair topper care! Put together a small travel bag with our suggestions, and you will be ready for any adventures your travels bring.

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  1. Bedabrata Chakraborty3 February 2024 at 11:35

    Forwarding this piece to all my lady friends who would find it most useful. How about a post like this for guys exclusively?

  2. Yeah seems so useful. I liked the hair topper colour & yeah these accessories would be convenient for travel.
    Will follow the suggestions to carry a small travel bag if I use this.

  3. Wow amazing post, loved the idea of hair topper colour , I will check this out. Wig glue is new thing as I never used wig .

  4. This article is fantastic! It provides such practical advice for anyone who wears a hair topper and wants to maintain their fabulous look while traveling. The tips are not only helpful but also presented in a clear and engaging manner. I love how it emphasizes the importance of being prepared with travel-sized essentials like glue or tape, a travel comb, and a backup piece. It really highlights the importance of being proactive in ensuring a stress-free and stylish travel experience. Overall, it's a great read filled with valuable insights that will surely benefit many hair topper wearers on their journeys. Great job!