Types of books that I have always loved reading

by - 1/07/2024

 The world isn't the same anymore; and neither are we. As the timeline has become sharply demarcated between BC (Before Covid) and after, we as individuals have evolved in more ways than one. The pandemic has really metamorphosed our lifestyles ( and they are still persisting). While frantic cleaning habits are a great outcome of the pandemic; the dependence on screens is not much of a boon. While again the world can be divided into pre and post social media, the pandemic has played a horrific role in making us glued to the screens. And one of the biggest downsides of that easy form of entertainment (read dopamine rush) is dwindling in the reading of books. Scrolling through reels continuously is way easier than going through the pages of a book. Even I am guilty as well. With workload and household chores increasing day by day, it's easier for me to spend hours on IG, rather than reading a book. Also, my job revolves around Instagram and hence it's a part of my "job" to scroll; not mindlessly but continuously nonetheless for the sake of inspiration and research. 

If this can happen to a veteran bibliophile like me 😛, I wonder what has happened to the budding ones. The only ones that I have diligently read in the past couple of years are the ones I had been sent for review purposes, Well last year I made a promise to myself to read and review as many books possible. And this year, I plan to read at least one book every month. Earlier what used to be my sole source of

dopamine, has become something that I need to focus on. Anyways, late better than never! Also did I mention that I am a paperback girl forever? Well as, in this Kindle era, I love the smell of pages, be it old or new.

Anyways I have been a really early reader (my mom had told me) and these are are the types of books I have always loved reading.

1. Short Stories: I started my reading journey (at the age of four) partly reading, partly listening with short stories. This is a great genre for starters, and of course for people who lack focus yet want to read. I continue to love short stories and the last two books I read were fantastic.

I had never been a comic girlie, although I have devoured every book of Tintin (illustrated stories genre). I never had a subscription growing up but I used to read them in the club and school library.

2. Novels: After I reached class three, my mom (a voracious reader) introduced me to novels. My first ever novel was Tom Sawyer (duh) by Mark Twain and novels remain my favourite genre till date. The details, the storyline, oh I love the classics and contemporary ones as well!

3. Detective stories: My mom gifted me an unabridged version of the four main adventures of Sherlock Holmes when I was ten. I was unable to understand the language (of course) and the font too was not friendly. It sat proudly on our bookshelf for years before I had the courage to devour it. I then discovered Nancy Drew in my school library and then there was no looking back! I read every single one in the library and started buying the new ones that came out. Then I started with Hardy Boys and it was the same too. I read every single one in the library and what my friends owned.

Then I proceeded to reading Agatha Christie and got hooked to Hercule Poirot. This genre remains my absolute favourite till date. I have devoured all the classics in this category and love the contemporary ones as well.

4. Lifestyle magazines: Can magazines be counted in the book category? Well I have always been attracted to publications like Homes and Gardens, Arch Digest etc since I was really tiny. I had been cutting the pretty pictures of homes and pasting them into files and albums, whenever I got my hands on them. That has matured into Pinterest boards ,two decades after. I love love love reading how to redecorate and organizing and cleaning. I am a pure homebody at heart and nothing makes me happier than cleaning, organizing and redecorating!

5. Non Fiction: This category is really vast and contains a plethora of subcategories from biographies and self help, educational and devotional and the list is literally endless. While I have bought many self help and self improvement books, I have also failed to go even half past them. They seem to be even more daunting than my medical books!

However this genre contains three of my absolute favourite categories to own, read and flip through: Interiors, Travel and cookbooks. I love having the coffee table version of these books. I take care of them like my babies ( read no soiled fingers) and the ones I own are przed possessions of mine. I don't have any coffee table version of cookbooks ( they are really expensive) and I would love anyone to gift them to me 😀 

A genre that has never fascinated me: Romance. I had never been a Mills and Boons reader; which used to be a favourite amongst my peers. Neither I have been interested in sleazy dramas like Sidney Sheldon and all. Now that I review books which are sent to me, I might stumble across romance stories from time to time, but they never have been a favourite of mine.

What are your favourite genres to read? Are you a paperback or Kindle person? Let me know in the comments!

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘BookishCafeBloghop2024’ hosted by  Rakhi Jayashankar and Samata Dey Bose

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  1. I do consider magazines as short stories, as the genre of writing is different from regular journalism stuff. All of my 25-years in journalism, I made magazines and I miss the creativity now that they a tad bit lost in the digital world. I like short stories and novels as well. Travel stories are great, of course. Classics are great for vocabulary and sentence construction, so I love them.

  2. I resonate with your journey into reading. I too started with comic books and when we were able to access the school library I started with Agatha Christie's and Enid Blynton books. They hold so many memories for me. For me self help and romance genre are almost impossible. I am not able to reach even half ;) It's fun to see your post we are really similar.

  3. I also love the smell of pages and specially the older books. But coz of time and place restrictions now a days I am both kindle and paperback reader

  4. Your introspective exploration of your reading journey is not only relatable but also a delightful dive into the various genres that have shaped your literary preferences. The classification of the types of books you've always loved reading offers a glimpse into the diverse literary palette that has colored your reading journey.
    Your honesty about the genre that never fascinated you, romance, adds a personal touch. Your willingness to explore it occasionally for book reviews is a testament to your openness to diverse literary experiences.

  5. This is such a delightful read. I love the way you started the blog with. It didn't feel like reading a blog. It was like reading a short story. Your narrative style inspires me to home my writing skills. I've never read Mills and Boons books yet, although Romance genre is my stress buster.

  6. Short stories are preferred of late by a huge number of readers. This is because we don't have enough time to read huge novels or books that almost look like a never-ending adventure. I have almost read more than 60 books concerning this genre. I was about to say the same thing you wrote on how this genre is for starters and for people who want to read but lack focuss.

  7. I've never read short stories nor magazines. However I can relate that novels were of a good start to my reading journey.. and yes I love reading paperbacks to compared to kindle

  8. So many pictures of you and the books!! Tbh, I did get lost there for a bit. What you said about how the patterns of reading evolve and how the nasty breaks happen, well I have been there too. My reading took a small break for like a year, but it is my writing that has suffered greatly. I hope to revive both this year.

  9. I am not a fan of romance either. Never read Mills and Boons but Sidney Sheldon used to be my favourite during college days :)

  10. Love your shelves a lot, esepcially the pastel shades! Non fiction is really not my alley but the rest of your genres are ones i like too. I remember seeing mills and boons around too a lot

  11. Nancy Drew was my favourite too. I never lend my books to anyone for the fear of losing them. I've never tried Lifestyle magazines so would like to try them. Also I too don't like romantic fiction because I want make my own story in this genre 😃 well written and thanks for introducing me to a new genre

  12. I share your love for the smell of paperback pages in this Kindle era. Also, I appreciate your honesty about the genres that haven't quite interested you. I enjoyed reading this piece!

  13. Love the bookshelves and cozy chair - what a lovely corner for reading!
    My reading tastes are similar to yours, and some of our collection is similar too.
    I used to love reading these kind of magazines too, I remember the excitement of receiving the monthly subscription in the mail! I miss those days and those lovely magazines with images and articles that used to inspire and teach, and be such good conversation topics!

  14. I should envy the pictures of the book shelfs you clicked. I scrolled countless times to manifest myself sitting in a cozy recliner next to those shelfs. Life Style Magazines are the best travel companions specially long flights or longer train expeditions. Specially those are saviours as a last minute purchases during our journeys. Travel Memoirs and cooking books are also bring us the mood of relishness and helps us to have a virtual journeys. I too remember subscribing many comic weekly and await for the story progress for next release of those books.

  15. Firstly I love your pictures with the book shelf. I feel it's a reader's priced possession to flaunt and I love to do the same. I love walking around my books and going through the books I've read and simply touching them and feeling the books. I have read some books on short stories and the recent one being Welcome to Paradise by Twinkle Khanna.