Stunning Hairstyles with Clip-in Hair Extensions

by - 1/26/2024


Hair extensions are born for those who require adding hair volume, extending hair length, and putting in natural highlights. Many fashionable hairstyles can be realized with hair extensions as easily as on your bio hair. Clip-in extensions are the most convenient ones that need the least effort. They can blend well with your hair and fit with beautiful hairstyles.

Clip-in hair extension

It’s a temporary hair method that needs to be taken off at the end of the day. Compared to semi-permanent or permanent extensions like tape-ins and nail tips, clip-in hair extensions can be installed at home by yourself. All you need to do is open the clip, take a piece of hair, and clip it on. This can only take a few minutes. The ease of attaching clip-ins makes it very popular among long-hair beauties.

Clip-in hair extensions are perfect for important occasions when you want to refresh your tresses just for one day and protect your hair from heat and pigment damage. Due to this, tons of celebrities are using clip-in extensions, like Selena Gomez, who wears long extensions to achieve full locks, and Zendaya, who has been using all kinds of clip-ins to switch new looks boldly. Clip-ins are indeed great, but remember to take them off before you sleep, swim, or shower; otherwise, your bio hair will sustain too much pressure, leading to hair root damage.

This type of hair extension can last several months with proper care. Human hair extensions can even make it to a whole year. You can find 2 kinds of top-notch human Remy hair at Superhairpieces, which are Indian hair and Chinese hair. The former is much easier to style to heat, while the latter is thicker and more durable. You can choose the type of clip-in hair extensions you need according to the hairstyles recommended below.

How to apply clip-ins in the right way

Take a standard 100-gram pack, for example. It contains 4 pieces with 3 clips and 4 pieces with 1 clip. The wider ones need to be placed at the back, and the singular clips should be put on the sides of your head.

1.     Gently brush the extension and ensure that there’s no tangle.

2.     Section off the hair one inch above your neck and tie the upper hair into a bun. Make the parting line as even as possible so that no hair will get in the way when clipping.

3.     Start with a weft with three clips. Open the clips and slide the little combs into the hair. Snag the clips shut from the middle one to the sides.

4.     Let down another section of hair, roughly for one inch. Repeat step 3. Every time before you insert clips, you can brush the loose hair to ensure it’s smooth with no tangles.

5.     For the last two 3-clip extensions, repeat step 4 twice, with the hair sectioned off one inch higher each time. It would be better if the last parting line is somewhere higher than your ears and lower than your eyebrows. This can guarantee that you have enough hair to cover the clips.

6.     Create an even parting line 2 inches above your right ear. Brush the upper hair to the opposite side and secure it with a clip.

7.     Clip the singular piece on and ensure it’s at least one inch away from the hairline to reach a natural effect.

8.     Do the same thing to the left ear and add the remaining 2 pieces to wherever you think it lacks volume or length. If you have no idea, you can just put them right to the pieces on the sides.

A basic attachment of clip-in hair extensions is done within these eight steps. As for versatile hairstyles, let’s move on to the next part.

Feasible hairstyles

Double bubble ponytail

1. Take some hair on top to make up the front section and tie it with a clear elastic. Make sure it’s somewhere that won’t reveal your clip-in extensions. You can feel your back with your hands or check it out in a mirror.

2.   Make an opening in the middle of this section and bring the ponytail up to pass through it.

3.  Tighten the ponytail and repeat the last step, but this time, let the ponytail go halfway through so that there’s enough hair to make the bubble.

4.    Slightly pull the hair on the loop to make it loose and plump, and the first bubble is born.

5. Gather hair from two sides under your ears and tie it up. Repeat the process above to create the next bubble.

6. Grab two more sections from the sides, secure them, and a double bubble ponytail is done.

Low bun

1.     Gather your hair above your nape, pull out frame-framing pieces, and tightly secure it into a low ponytail.

2.     Pinch and pull small pieces of hair throughout your crown. This will add a beautiful dimension and volume for a more formal look.

3.     Pinch the top of your ponytail with your left hand as an anchor. Use your right hand to twist your ponytail clockwise two times softly.

4.     Wrap your ponytail counterclockwise around your index finger on your left hand. Tightly twist the ends and continue wrapping them under your bun. Remove your index finger, and you can see a pretty bun shape.

5.     Hold it firmly against your head and secure it with a French pin.

Girls can be cute with a double bubble ponytail or a quick, neat low bun. With clip-in hair extensions, you can definitely do more than that. Get best human hair extensions at Superhairpieces and feel the amazing beauty!




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