My favourite authors through the different stages of my life

by - 2/07/2024

 In life we develop numerous one sided relationships. Take the simplest example of celebrities. We never or hardly get to meet our music idols or rockstars, favourite heroes and heroines and the list goes on. That particular famous person doesn't have the least idea about our feelings towards them, whereas we continue to love them and cheer for them. It's not exactly unrequited love, but a one sided relationship for sure.

This same thing goes for authors too, I am sure my fellow bibliophiles would relate with this. Once you start reading a particular author, you tend to fall in love with their writing style. You get lost in the world of writing, digging more about the author, their personal lives, their other works etc. 

When I started reading, it was not that easy to get information. 90's kid, no internet. In order to know about an author, one had to rely on books only. If you ask me my favourite author, I wouldn't be able to zero down on one. I have fallen in love (with the writers) numerous times. However I can divide my reading journey into phases and hence my cherished story teller for each phase.
My kids enjoying my Raduga Publisher collection (my maternal home)

During my initial days, my mom used to get me a lot of Russian books by Raduga publishers. India and USSR had great relations and USSR had just disintegrated that time. As a result, the Russian items present in India were being sold at a throwaway price. The books by Raduga publishers were hard bound, colourfully illustrated and of excellent quality. I still proudly possess them and even my elder daughter has read all of them. So my mom used to buy whatever she used to find attractive (both economically and visually) and I used to devour them. There's isn't a single Russian author whom I can pinpoint as my favourite, but rather I would like to say that I love every single title of that erstwhile prestigious publishing house. 

After I started school, the library became my favourite place. I was initially attracted to titles like Noddy (of course) and I started getting pulled towards Enid Blyton titles. As my reading skills git enhanced, I began reading more Enid Blyton titles. The Famous five, Secret Seven and all her short story compilations. There might not be any Famous Five or Secret Seven title, that I haven't devoured. I am incredibly drawn towards 'series' and have a knack of collecting them. 

I can safely say that Enid Blyton has been my favourite author for the longest period of my life.

I introduced her to my daughter when she was six. I bought her "The Wishing Chair" series and got myself hooked to it. Then started our journey with Madam Blyton. I got her Mallory Towers, Faraway Tree and the entire Adventure Series. All those titles which I hadn't read in my childhood. Now I am living and loving my favourite storyteller vicariously through my daughter!
My daughter is obsessed with Enid Blyton and me living vicariously through her 🤣

During my teens and pre teens, I was addicted to classics and Nancy Drew. While reading medieval classics, I fell madly in love with Alexandre Dumas, Charles Dickens and Mark Twain. I read almost devoured every title by Dickens and Dumas. I was lost in the Rennaissance period. So did my obessions with thrillers made me fall in love with Arthur Conen Doyle and Agatha Christie.

PS Tom Sawyer happens to be my most read novel . I can't even recall how many times I have read it. It used to be my stress buster. I have 3 different versions of my favourite novel.

During my medical college days, I wasn't much of a reader of non academic books. Then when I started blogging, I started getting sent books for reviewing. So my repertoire shifted from medieval storytellers to the latest authors. 
My recent review copies. I have tonnes more, but they are not arranged properly.

For the past decade, I don't have any particular favourite writer. I love reading the work of new writers and also of seasoned contemporary ones like Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Dutta etc. I don't buy books anymore (except for the ocassional treat of coffee table books). Because I loveeeeee to receive books for review and have an enormous collection of those (very proud of it).

Picking one favourite author is like picking a favourite child (which is next to impossible). However, if I close my eyes, I think I love Enid Blyton the most.

Who's your favourite?

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘BookishCafeBloghop2024’ hosted by  Rakhi Jayashankar and Samata Dey Bose

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  1. I too have fond memories of The famous Five Series. While in school, we had a large collection of Enid Bylton books in our school library and we picked up almost all of them ;p These still form a beautiful impression on me and I do pick up some just for the sake of reading and enjoying without any judgement.

  2. Enid Blyton i believe has been a part of, a lot of our childhoods and teenage. I still read her to feel happy. All her books hold a special place in my heart and will always be a golden part of my early reading life

  3. Enid Blyton and Ruskin Bond remain my favourite authors. Though, I have read all of Enid Blyton, I have read only one of Ruskin Bond. The plan is to read more of his books now. I also like the classical writers, except Charles Dickens. I plan to read Mark Twain in the coming months and the list of #TBR is long.

  4. Your journey through different phases of reading is both nostalgic and heartwarming. The nostalgic reminiscence of Raduga Publisher books from your childhood brings back memories of my own early encounters with literature. It's incredible how those Russian books left a lasting impression, becoming cherished treasures passed down through generations.

  5. The gift of reading is one of the best gift parents can give to children. My son, taken after me, at age 4 loves books and daily I have to read atleast an hour or two to him.

  6. To choose a favourite, it's really very important to jot down what we like in that particular element, let it be a person or a thing in order to know why we don't go for any other thing to give up on it easily. I feel elated to see your opinion on feelings that our favourite heroes and heroines, rock stars, and music idols are people we rarely or never get to meet. That particular renowned person is completely unaware of our affections for them, but we still support and love them.

  7. I love how you have categorised favourite authors according to the phases of your love. I adore your writing style. It truly feels like reading a part of your life and not an article. Kudos to you. Keep writing ❤️
    Niveditha Preeth

  8. I like the way you have described the different authors you have read in different phases of your life. Enid Blyton's famous five series is my favourite too. It's good to know that your daughter shares the same interest on reading books like you. Now your post has urged me to pick up an Enid Blyton again to go back to my childhood....

  9. What an amazing list. I agree that at each stage of life we like different writing styles and I'm glad some of our choices resonate say like Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew

  10. This reflective journey through different phases of life and reading beautifully captures the evolving relationships with authors. In the early days, Russian titles from Raduga publishers enriched childhood, embodying a unique charm. Enid Blyton's enchanting worlds held sway during school days, a favorite for the longest period, later shared with the next generation.

    In teens, a penchant for classics and Nancy Drew led to adoration for Alexandre Dumas, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Agatha Christie. Medical college brought a shift, with blogging opening doors to contemporary authors like Chetan Bhagat and Durjoy Dutta.

    The current decade embraces a diversity of writers, cherishing both new voices and established contemporaries. The impossibility of picking a single favorite author is likened to choosing a beloved child. Enid Blyton, however, remains an enduring and cherished preference. This resonates, as the love for authors mirrors the varied phases and experiences of life.

  11. Great list! I can totally relate with that. At different stages of life we make different choices. Same goes with books and authors. I am impressed with your choice of books and authors.

  12. Enid Blyton has ruled every young readers heart and mind. I was one of it too. Noddy was my fav as a kid and like you mentioned with time my favourite authors have changed and I have more than one to mention in the list.

  13. This post resonated deeply with me as it is fascinating how our favourite authors change with each stage of life. Thanks for sharing your list!

  14. I echo your sentiments, it is so difficult to pick just one favourite author, however, like you Enid Blyton is numero uno for me.

  15. Enid Blyton has been my favorite and most read author in my life - your post made me reflect on my own journey with her books, and i too have loved all her series and collected them too.

  16. What a blessing to receive books - that's a lovely gift you have given yourself by creating such an opportunity :) Do you find that you love the new authors in the same way that you love Enid and her books?