Sun Kissed Babe!

by - 7/01/2015

For  person who is a UBI (unfortunately born in India) ha ha...just joking :D, having a love affair with the sun is one major issue. Its just like falling in love with someone of the other caste/religion and going against the clan to get married to that person! Yes I am talking about the obsession to fair skin! In our country being fair is a privilege and a beauty edge over others and people are constantly striving to get fairer! We associate fairness with beauty and power. Call it double standards, its unfortunately the truth and I am no exception!

Keep reading to know the secret behind my party glow!

I am unconditionally in love with the sun and hence I have some major issues with my skin colour. I am a complete beach babe and hence I have been permanently tanned! For me holidays scream beach! Every year I go for a beach vacation twice or thrice a year and come back fully tanned! So when I go to my clinic or meet my friends I feel completely out of the place. I consult patients on improving their complexion and I put up a miserable example for them. If their doctor herself is unable to have a glowing complexion, then how would I be able to treat them? My mom jokingly says that she never gave birth to such a dark girl :D

 Similarly when I go to parties, (husband's or mine) I totally feel out of the place! I get strange stares from everybody. Its not like the West where people crave tanned skin. Hence I am always in a dilemma as to whether I can enjoy the sun or not. Being a beach babe I can't cheat on my love (the sun) and being a social animal, I have to be aware of my responsibilities. So I always end up enjoying holidays half heartedly.

As I am gearing up for a major island vacation next month, I was really stressed. But thankfully I received a magical product (Spinz Sun Tan Remover) a couple of days back which promised to get rid of my tan! Yipee! God had been listening to me! This product promises to remove the tan and is without any bleach or harmful chemicals! I was completely tanned from my previous vacation to Goa and Udaipur (in fact I always am) and this product indeed helped me to get rid of it! Problem solved, now I would be able to enjoy my upcoming beach vacation like never before! Mediterranean Sea are you listening? :D

I received a 50 gm tube of the Spinz Sun tan Remover and 3 samples of 9 gms each.
The product which held high expectations from me!
I had to go to an important doctor's party and here is how I got rid of the tan and embraced glamour!


Step 1: Take about 9 gms of the product i. e enough cream to cover the entire length of two of your fingers.

Step 2:

Apply a generous amount on your face leaving the eyes. Keep it on for 5 to 10 minutes. Massage gently onto the skin with your fingertips in a smooth rotating motion.

Step 3:

Wash off your face with water.

Step 4:

Pat your face dry with a towel.

Step 5:

Take out your best outfit, put on make up up and you are salon ready for the party!
Taking out my red hot dress to get ready for the party!
Party ready in just five minutes!
Some salient points:

This product is absolutely free from bleach and is dermatologically tested.
It is powered by milk, honey and lemon.
Its suitable for sensitive skin.
The product should not be used for more than once in a single day.
Some mild tingling sensation is normal.
Get salon like fairness in just five minutes!!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and embrace the sun without any regrets!! Just #SpinzbanTheTan!


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  1. You look pretty in the red dress.

  2. It's really funny because I wish I had your skin tone :)

    You looked beautiful for the party!

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  3. wow, so chic your look!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  4. Tan or no Tan u look pretty

  5. You are looking gorgeous... :-)

  6. You just have to move over here Mandira. We love tanned skin! I love it too but the sun isn't shining that much over here. I wish I were tanned :D Happy Thursday pretty!


  7. you're beautiful, and this was so interesting to read! I live in America, where all the light people use tanning products to become darker!

  8. Glad you enjoy the sun. I do too and I find I always look better when I'm slightly sun kissed. I wish we weren't so obsessed with fairness in India.