infamous Baga

by - 7/18/2015

It was our last morning on the last day in paradise. We would be in Delhi 14 hours from then! In this whirlwind trip we had tried to cover every possible inch of Goa. Infact except for the mandatory five hours of sleep everyday, we spent every other minute outdoors..exploring! Later I counted we swam in 11 beaches ( Vagator, Anjuna, Calangute, Baga, Sinquerim, Candolim, Morjim, Arossim, majorda, Colva and Varca), visited innumerable churches, two forts, stayed at two hotels and uncountable other things. One last thing which was left was swimming in Baga beach in the morning. 

We had been to Baga thrice before but in the dark. It was important that we saw the toned down face of its notorious counterpart. Its my personal experience that those places which are very active at night are usually very calm and peaceful during daytime.

We had to return our bike in the morning. So my partner dropped me on the beach and went ahead to Anjuna (which was 10 kms from there) to return the bike. I was supposed to cover the entire Baga beach on foot and meet him at the starting of Calangute beach, Baga's neigbour.

So I walked and walked. Took photographs wherever I found something interesting. Seemed that Baga was not sleepy at all at seven in the morning. The shack people were laying sunbeds, setting up their places for the following day. Suddenly a guy called me and started running after me. Then he asked whether I needed a guesthouse. I politely replied that no, we were leaving in that very afternoon. I kept on walking when I realised he too was walking with me!! Then he started a deliberate conversation. I persistently said that I don't want to talk to him and was scared of strangers. But he was so shameless that he kept on walking with me and teased me that I was so scared of my husband. :D

In the meantime I came to know that he was a bartender who had moved to Goa from Cape Town three weeks earlier. I even showed him my daughter's picture and that I was not interested in him but he kept on accompanying me. When I said that my hubs was a bone doctor, he laughingly said that he was not scared of his bones being broken!!

Suddenly my phone rang and I realised that we had reached Calangute. Hubs had come back and I stopped and waited for him. I was desparately waiting for him to appear. He took the whole thing very casually and even shook hands with that crazy guy!! I am really scared of my hubby's possessiveness..he can beat anyone up if he finds out someone bugging his wife!! Anyways the plus point of the whole situation? I did not have to brave the innumerable barking dogs on the way!! I am really scared of streetdogs!!

The beautiful Arabian Sea during sunrise...
The fishermen were already back after their catch from the sea...

I wish I could surf!! All tanned from our crazy adventure!!

Even the umbrellas have been bitten by the neon bug!! Who's complaining anyways?

At the enty of Calangute beach...

Dress: Globus
Sunnies: Aldo

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  1. So pretty - loving the hat!

  2. Nice photos

  3. Doll you look amazing is very hard sitting in my office looking at this relaxing place little jealous I might say lol.

  4. That's a really beautiful beach :)

  5. I'm so sorry that you met a crazy stalker. He should have understood that you were not interested in his company. Glad the situation didn't get out of control :D You look marvelous as always. I love your cute dress. Happy Friday Mandira!


  6. What a morning to remember by!!