Hangout With Honda

by - 7/09/2015

It all started with a dreamy invite to drive the all new 3rd generation Honda Jazz on the BUDDHA INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT!! Well I could not believe my eyes. I mean BIC!! The only Formula one racing track of India! It was one privilege I was not going to miss at any cost. The only thing bothering me was the date. It was not confirmed and I was praying that it should not clash with our vacation!

I breathed a sigh of relief when the event was announced to be on the 4th of July. I could not contain my excitement!

I took off from the hospital that day. People give me strange glances when I say that. No, I am not among those lucky people for whom Saturdays are off and nor is my husband. Medicos are not humans! But I never bat an eyelid to take off from work when it comes to blogging! Well our day started as usual....early. After dropping off our angel at my parents' place, the cab picked us up from there and we zoomed off! We took the Noida Greater Noida Expressway to reach Hotel Radisson Greater Noida. And then the fun began!

All set to drive the new JAZZ!

After registration, we all fellow bloggers exchanged hugs. Almost everyone is a familiar face in the Delhi Blogging circuit and I really look forward to meeting these wonderful people. A lot of chatter, photoshoot and a sumptuous lunch led to us changing into our 'Honda' tee shirts. And then we got into our cabs to leave for the Buddha International Circuit!
We took the Yamuna Expressway and after driving at around 150 km/hour for few minutes, we reached the F1 track. We all were too excited to drive on the track.

MTV Veejay Yudhishtir (VJ Yudi) presenting the evening....various snapshots of the presentation.....

A detailed introduction of the 3rd Generation Honda Jazz by the Honda people was followed by the launching of the car by the CEO of Honda. Then the stage was took over by none other that MTV VJ Yudi, Yudhishtir. There was a fun twitter quiz as well as soccer pool where I scored myself a cool water bottle.

Myriads of  fun activities taking place...'photo slingshot', soccer pool with VJ Yudi
 We all were too impatient to listen to the presentation and soon all the bloggers were divided into 4 teams: yellow, green, purple and orange. I and my partner were in the yellow team and we waved the yellow flag and proceeded to the instruction room for safety guidelines and precautions.

Waving the Yellow flag...All set for the ride!!
There were 10 cars in one group which were to follow each other. There were two pilot cars: one at the front and the other at the back. We were not to overtake anyone at under any circumstances. Helmets and seat belts had to be worn all the time. We had to bind to the guidelines of the instructor. Any violation of the rules would lead to disruption of the test drive of the entire group.


A victorious face....
I and my partner in crime were in car number 9. I was to nervous to be at the wheel myself. So my portion of driving too was given to my husband. We were in the automatic diesel car. The interiors were an elegant beige hue. The car has 9 cup holders! Imagine! There is a lot of leg space in the back as well as in the front. All set, we started.

All set for the phenomenal loyal hubs. A selfie with the beautiful beige interiors. Speedometer reading 120 km/hour....We were not allowed to go beyond that :(

The track is about 5 kms long with 16 turns. The first lap was slow as everyone was getting acquainted with the car and the track. The track was beautiful. We were slow and steady with ups and downs, twists and turns on the track. In the second lap, we were supposed to speed up (but keeping the rules in mind). As the car and track both were familiar, the accelerator was pressed hard. Whoa! it was a wonderful feeling! The best parts were the turns which felt like I was on a roller coaster! Although we could not really 'speed up' as we still had to drive one after another. The maximum speed which we could reach was 130 kmph which is nothing for a Formula one track. But it was an awesome adventure nonetheless. Then it was my turn to drive. Instead of taking over the steering, I insisted my husband to give me one more ride. So in all, we took five laps! That was the best part!


What all I loved about the car:
The ride was butter smooth and so were its brakes.
The lovely and elegant beige interiors and its nine cup holders :D
The metallic colors of the car favourite was the bright orange one (sunset orange) which we drove.
Very spacious interiors with a powerful AC. The AC has a touchscreen control panel.
Multi functional steering wheel with handsfree telephone control, audio controls and paddle shifts.
Superb Audio system
Rear Parking Camera with multi view display and guidelines.
There are various seating modes: utility, long, refresh and tall ( seats adjustable to what all you want to do!)

a proud driver after the phenomenal ride...

Besides allowing for more space and giving it a super-slick, uber-urbane look, it also enhances the car's aerodynamics, accounting for more speed and more control.

From the inside, the car is all about comfort, beauty and space. The All New Jazz is the epitome of Honda's Man Maximum Machine Minimum philosophy.

The best part about Blogger Meets...meeting old friends and making new ones!!

Coral Top: Esprit
Accessories: Forever21
Capri: Forever21

Check out the video below.....

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  1. It must have been a cool experience :)

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  3. Wow you just revived the entire experience in a post darling! Great deets! Will stay connected for sure dear, was so good meeting you!

  4. Hey very nicely written, enjoyed reading it.

    Have a great day ahead.


    Ananth V

  5. whoaaa!!! so much fun :-)
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