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by - 7/29/2015

This trip we wanted to experience two different places. So we stayed at Anjuna in the first part and the second half at Calangute, the longest beach of Goa. Our resort at Anjuna had a beautiful pool, but not our Calangute one. We were drawn towards this property because of the traditional Goan building. It was a budget guest  house but very beautiful nonetheless.

As much as staying at two different places gives varied experiences, so does it come with a lot of problems. Hubby had booked his bike from Anjuna, so we had two options. We could reach Calangute by taxi and dump our luggage at the hotel. Then I could have waited while hubby took the taxi back to Anjuna and came by bike. This was a long and tedious process. It could lead to wastage of precious travel time. The second option was to ride the bike from Anjuna to Calangute with bag and baggage.

Calangute is not that close to Anjuna..about 10 kms. Our main backpack weighed around 13 kilos. Along with that, we had a lot of knick knacks and my bundle of hats of course. I had to take the heavy backpack on my back. Hubby managed rest of the luggage. Then we started. Those were the longest 10 kms I knew. When we reached our guest house, the owner was shocked to see us with so many luggage on a bike!! He saluted our courage!! I got a free back massage from hubby ( which is really a difficult thing to get :p).

It was our last day when we took pictures of this guest house. I had been tanned charcoal black by that time!! In our local language, I am looking like Kali Maa (no offence, I am a Kali worshipper myself) haha!! Dont know how long its going to take for my real self to return back!!

bird of paradise flowers adorning the windows...

Breakfast consisted of Vegetable uttapam and masala dosa...

the beautiful reception...

A small church inside the guest house...

the bar...

the restaurant...

This water was probably for the birds to drink...

can you spot me?
Dress: Tommy Hilfiger
Sunnnies: Aldo

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  1. Nice to travel and get double out of it the outfit you rock it.

  2. That shade of blue looks so nice on you :)

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  3. woow - what an amazing home away from home :)

  4. Look e imagens maravilhosa

  5. so pretty, looks like the perfect getaway! way to push through on that bike!


  6. such wonderful photos. looks like you had a great time