Selfie mania

by - 8/01/2015

What's in a selfie? I am not talking about just pout and wink. I am talking about some serious stuff here. Selfies while taking outfit shots, while travelling alone or while sitting in the car fresh in the morning. I,like every other girl (or boys even) love selfies. Like a true photo blogger I need crisp, clear pictures. A selfie does not truly satisfy my criteria to make it to my blog. It takes immense skill and patience to take the perfect shot.

So why do we love selfies?
1. Its an independent action. I mean who has an in house photographer all round the clock to click precious moments?

Moments like this need to be 'selfied' immediately!

2. Its indeed a blessing for us bloggers...whether fashion, travel or even tech ones, all are obsessed with selfies. Whether its getting clicked on a major landmark or capturing an outfit for running errands, selfies are a boon!


3. It makes us ambidextrous...he he he :D


4. It helps to check if there is anything wrong with our face and hence makes us more presentable before any kind of rendezvous!


Do I look okay for the date?

And the list goes on...

But then somehow they are not blogworthy or contest worthy....

Why? What are the problems faced with clicking the perfect selfie?

1. The front camera is usually of low resolution. Even if the rear camera is 13 MP, the front one is just 5 Mp!

2. No flash on the front..means no selfie in the dark!

Its difficult getting the perfect illumination for the perfect selfie...
3. There is a lot of problem in gripping the phone, clicking the shoot button and so on.

This why I often drag my photographer (read husband) to feminine events just because I need him to click me. But the latest smartphone in the tech world has some really interesting features, Its the Asus Zenfone Selfie!

With the Zenfone Selfie, you can take your selfie mania to an entirely new level!

Here is what is unprecedented in the history of selfies:

The Zenfone selfie has both front and rear camera of 13 MP each.

It has dual flash..that means the front camera has flash too!! Is not it amazing?

The rear camera has ultra fast autofocus.

You must have read about the PixelMaster technology here. This mind blowing technology is now on the front camera too! Therefore take excellent selfies in low light, night mode, beautification and selfie panorama mode!

You can just swipe for cool is that? Just draw an S on the display then smile and shoot. If you’d prefer a different gesture, it takes just moments to create your own.

ZenFone Selfie dual-LED Real Tone flash creates the most natural illumination for indoor portrait shots. The moment you press the shutter button, ZenFone Selfie delivers the perfect combination of yellow and white light to produce flash-lit shots capturing the real tones of you.

Capture everyone with Selfie Panorama!
With this special wide-angle mode and ZenFone Selfie’s f/2.2-aperture
front lens and 88-degree field of view, you’ll capture panoramic selfies
of up to 140 degrees. Just enable Selfie Panorama mode then
snap yourself and all your friends together, and have stunning scenery
serve as panoramic backdrops for perfect selfies!

 Last but not the least, gripping and clicking!

Ergonomic arc design with intuitive rear selfie button
ZenFone Selfie defines a more instinctive way for human interaction, encompassing a physical rear key as part of the Ergonomic Arc design — with a case that tapers to an incredibly thin 3.9mm at the edges. The rear-mounted volume-control
and shutter button is ideally positioned for your index finger, so snapping selfies, adjusting the volume and retracing your steps feels as natural as your grip.

 So what are you waiting for? Go grab the Zenfone Selfie and click your perfect selfie! The phone launches in Delhi, India on 6 the August. I am sooo excited!!

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  1. Cool images doll my favorite is you and the baby so sweet.

  2. Cute pics, I love the phone!

  3. Nowadays selfies are a huge part of our lives :p

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