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by - 9/01/2016

The ocean has tonnes of beauty and mystery in it. Underwater sea walk on the bed of Indian Ocean
You must have known by now that I am a complete water baby. I am not that kind of person who is either scared of water or the sun! And when it comes to water, the deeper the better! I had my first stint of underwater experience when I was quite young. The picturesque Jollybuoy island in Andaman has deep marine treasures. As I grew up, I explored the underwater territories in other parts of the world. But the most beautiful experiences are found back home. i.e in my favourite place Goa.

Exploring the marine life is one of our favourite hobbies.
According to me,Goa is the only place in India which gives you an 'Out of the World' feeling. You don't remember that you are in India anymore. The freedom, the food and the local people..all make you feel liberated. Not only that, Goa is the hub of adventure sports too. If you don't set your adrenaline pumping, then your Goan sojourn is incomplete. 
Give me fins and I can stay inside the sea...forever!

Goa has rich untapped Arabian Sea. There are many ways to explore the underwater world: Snorkelling, Underwater Sea walk and SCUBA diving. Goa is one of the best places to go SCUBA diving in India. For the uninitiated, SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Many of you may confuse snorkelling with SCUBA diving. Both are used for viewing the marine life but in different ways. Snorkelling involves just floating on the surface of water. Whereas SCUBA diving involves going into the sea and staying amidst the picturesque marine life.

SCUBA diving. Image courtesy Mojhi.com

Goa does not have riptide currents which makes it ideal for beginners to try out SCUBA diving.

The temperature of water remains between 27 to 30 degree Celsius which is very comfortable.

The diving season is from mid October to mid April.

There are professional divers in Goa who provide training even to non swimmers and kids!

There are various areas in the Arabian Sea in Goa for the different categories of divers. I mean if you are an expert diver, you can reach for the deeper zones. While the beginners and intermediate ones stick to depth of 4 m to 10 m.

The underwater life in the Arabian Sea in Goa comprises of red snappers, barracudas, parrot fish, angel fish, lobsters, crabs, sting rays, peacock groupers etc to name a few.

The visibility ranges from 5 to 10 m which is comparatively low as the rivers deposit silt into the Arabian Sea.

I have been underwater many times and believe me its a must do experience!

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  1. OMG this must been the best trip ever how cool to go under water and see the underworld you guys rock.

  2. I love that kind of underwater activities :p How cool is that first picture!


  3. What an interesting post on underwater experience! Will definitely check out Scuba diving in Goa next time I visit... :-)