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by - 9/07/2016

So anyone who knows me can vouch how crazy I am about interior decoration. My earliest childhood memories consist of cutting beautiful pictures of homes from magazines and pasting them on a scrapbook. Gradually I designed my room and then took over my parents house! But I got the actual gratification of my passion when I decorated my own home after my wedding. My Dad had helped me pick almost all the major pieces after hours of research on my side. Over the years my style has evolved and I keep updating my home decor from time to time. My travel souvenirs play a big role too!

One thing that has remained consistent in my style is the role of greens. A plant gives life to a room, upgrades it's visual quotient and of course looks pretty in itself! From pothos to ferns to bamboos I have them all in my home. I just love fact who doesn't?

 Recently I came across a very unique concept store The Minikin store which deals in themed miniature gardens. I got the 'Picnic' themed garden and you can see how pretty it looks. It's perfect for indoors like an office or my living room but is as good for my patio too! I got the opportunity to chat with Nupur the creator of these miniature gardens.

The Picnic...Notice the tiny DSLR, tripod and the basket! It came with a cute 'Care Instructions' booklet too! The plant is Aralia.
This is the cute Instruction Manual I was talking about!
Here is a tete a tete with Nupur, the creator and owner of Minikin store.

Tell us a little about yourself Nupur

Presently settled in Delhi NCR, my childhood involved a lot of traveling as I hail from an army background. Since childhood, I had been fascinated by miniature craft. Using household things to create miniature objects, I made innovative pieces as a child such as a miniature library out of my father’s old shaving blade holder. This passion has served as the driving force behind the creation of The Minikin Store.
The Beer Garden
True to its name, The Minikin Store creates delightful miniature gardens, marrying the goodness of flora with artistically curated miniature figurines. These unique pots make an excellent choice for a gift article and would add a green touch to enliven a living or work space.

Gardening Fun
 What made you come up with the idea of The Minikin store?
The journey of this unique green venture started when I took a professional break last year. I started putting time to nurture a childhood hobby of creating miniature figurines. Multiple experiments and failures with miniatures and plants finally led to the creation of my very first miniature garden. This followed a year long journey of intensive learning and research into the right combination of plant, soil, pots and figurines.
 What were you doing before getting into the design business?

Like majority of the populous of a metro, I too was a part of the corporate world.While, I was content with my professional life, I felt the urge to spend more time with my young and growing family and at the same time, develop a platform to showcase my creativity. 
 How important are greens for indoors according to you?

Our lifestyle is fast changing. With shrinking living spaces, people struggle to stay in touch with nature. Completely sealed, centrally air-conditioned offices take us further away from it. A green touch to life enlivens surroundings, is soothing for the eye and elevates mood. Some research too suggests that there is an increase in employee productivity by adding a few plants to the office space.


 Your creations are really unique and one of a kind. What is your inspiration behind it?

Nature. Each of my design is based on a particular theme, founded on a distinct feeling or emotion. Amongst my first creations was the pot that sported a tiny 'Tree-house' set on the branch of a Shami plant. A perfect getaway, surrounded by nature, a tree house therefore, is every nature lover's dream. 
The Tree House
Nature and it's wonderfulness continued to inspire me and led to the creation of ‘The Flamingos’. Set in the wilderness, the scene depicts two flamingos enjoying in the pristine clear water of a pond. This pond is set under the shade of an Aralia plant.

 What are your dreams about this business?

These miniature wonders offer an opportunity to create a theme for home or office décor and more importantly in the process add a bit of nature which is mostly missing in these places. I look forward to introducing this tiny piece of nature in as many living and work spaces.
Swiss Chalet
Last but not the least...any advice would you like to give to new entrepreneur?

I am myself at very early stage of my business and haven’t gone through the complete grind of making my business a success, as yet. Although, I have taken tough decisions to follow my dream, call it a leap of faith :) and I am taking each day as it comes and taking one step at a time to inch forward. I think that’s what I can share from my experience thus far.
It was wonderful knowing the creative head behind these cute and innovative mini gardens. These pieces are available online now. You can shop at

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For those who want to see these pretty gardens in person, I have good news for you! The Minikin Store will be showcasing their creations at two exhibitions next month. 

8th October 2016: Delhi Style '16 at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi

13th October 2016: Diwali Shopping Festival Take 9 at The Ashok, New Delhi

Here are a few more pictures of my 'Picnic' garden in my home.

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