I love Termini, Rome

by - 9/13/2016

A huge bottle of Beer in the lobby. It was later during our trip we realised that huge bottles of liquor are an integral part of Italian culture.
Benevenuti or Welcome to Italy! You know our obsession with city centres. I mean I am definitely tempted by the vast properties outside the city that are of the same price as the pigeon coups of city centres. But come on. How can you ignore the precious time in commuting? Time is money when you are travelling and if you spend half of the day just getting out of the hotel in the morning and vice versa in the evening then the game is lost. However one has to compromise on terms of luxury. But who stays inside the hotel in any way? At least we don't!

Our first stop in Italy was none other than its capital Rome. We had booked a hotel which was stones's throw away from the main railway station of Rome, Roma Termini. Hence the name of the hotel was I love Termini. We took a bus from the Fumicino Airport to the Termini station and it was an hour ride. We literally just deboarded from the bus and saw the board of our hotel. It was not at all fancy; but we loved the ease with which we reached.
After checking in, we quickly showered and settled. 

We were awake for about 48 hours at a stretch. I mean the entire journey from Delhi to Amsterdam, exploring Amsterdam for the whole day in midst of chill and rain and then staying awake the whole night to catch our early morning flight to Rome. In other words, we were dead tired.

We were famished. We decided to use our packed food (hubs being a pure vegetarian carries loads of Indian food from home). Our hotel had a kitchen. We warmed Rajma Masala and made Maggi. Hubs got freshly baked bread from a store and we filled up our stomachs. We set the alarm at around half past 3 in the afternoon to go for exploring Rome. We thought that a short nap was all what we needed after 48 hours of non stop travelling. P.s Our room did not have any windows.
The room where we slept like dead people.
I woke up by the shriek and tugging of my shoulders by my husband. I took some time to realize where actually I was. Hubs showed me the watch and screamed why did not I wake him up? It was half past nine at night!!!! Oh Shit! WE HAD LOST AN ENTIRE DAY IN ROME! Oh no! How could we possibly make up for it? After an altercation, we decided to make up what was left. We proceeded to explore the city at night.

Later during the trip we realised that had we not have slept that day, we would have definitely fallen sick later during the trip. Our bodies needed sleep replenishment after such an inhumanly hectic 48 hours. Whatever happens, happens for good only :)

A cute little library
The whole place was red and zebra print all over.

A globe trotting carpet..
Dress: Globus
Pumps: Aldo
Purse: Jabong.com

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  1. I guess it was better for you to rest so then you could properly enjoy the rest of your trip :)


  2. The room its chic but I will be neevous not having window. Glad you both had a great time.

  3. Wonderful tour of the place and you had a fabulous place to stay.