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by - 9/21/2016


For a blogger like me, social networking is everything. Okay I may not be into that much networking because of time constraint. But for blogging, the social nexus is everything. With blogging being a full time job and being taken absolutely seriously, a lot of platforms have come up. There are various platforms that connect bloggers to brands and bloggers with bloggers. I have joined many of them but use a very few. For me a networking platform should be friendly and easy to use. One such platform which I really like is

Affimity has been made up of two words: Affinity plus amity (the words are themselves self explanatory). The best part is that here you can share your posts with like minded people. I mean there are various categories (mainly health related). You can read others and post your own too! In short you can openly exchange ideas.

With virtual world becoming more real, our virtual connections have started gaining more importance. We spend more time chatting on internet than on an actual voice call. Infact there may be many days when you have replied a thousand emails but not even had a single voice call! However that does not mean we can connect with anyone and everyone in the virtual world. The friendships with the people out there are very similar to the ones you have in the real world...the strongest binding factor is ''Like mindedness''. Here is where Affimity is best of the lot!

Affimity has various sections like Fitness, Wellness, Beauty, Yoga, Cure, Food, Parenting etc. Now these are the topics which we surf most on the net. Eg I may be having trouble dealing with hairfall and may want to look what my fellow bloggers think. What better way is to find all the related topics under one tab?
Using Affimity is a cakewalk. You sign up and then Bam! Your profile is created.

You would be given suggestions to follow. Some of them maybeyou already know, some of them are top contributors. I followed two people I already knew.
 Among the various categories I started with parenting. I believe new parents struggle with so many things and baby's comfort is usually the top concern. I shared my thoughts on comfortable baby diapers. 

My post looked like this.

Then I decided to write about fitness. Being a big foodie, I can't even think of cutting down my diet. So I came up with other alternatives to maintain my weight without punishing myself! I decided to share my views with the rest of the world.

I also read various articles which are of my interest like Yoga, Beauty etc etc.

After a fellow blogger commented on my Yoga post, I reached Level 2! Yay! This social blogging platform really rocks! I am really enjoying reading articles of my interests and connecting with like minded people. You can follow me on affinity here.

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  1. I don't think I've heard about this platform before :)


  2. This sound so cool to join and be a part of thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Wow never heard of this program before!! Sounds so helpful girl!!

    XO, Jessi