Nalasuan Island

by - 9/21/2014

So it was our last full day on this amazing island and it had to be the best!! We had reserved the most awaited excursion for the last day. It was island exploring on the Pacific!! The fact that this excursion was kept till the end had too many risks. What if sometthing happens and we are unable to make it!! What if any of us fall sick? Well sadly the second one came true!! I had mentioned in my last post that it was raining heavily in Bohol. The best time to visit the Philippines is from November to April and we visited in February. However weather on the islands is unpredictable. Well, the on and off exposure to rains and immediately sitting inside the air conditioned bus took a toll on my health!! I got a bad bad cold that night which turned to high fever the next morning!!

I don't know about you but I am usually very irritable when sick. Hubby was trying to cheer me up but in vain. I could not even enjoy the lavish breakfast spread ( you know what a foodie I am). Anyways as we had already paid a huge sum for this trip, we had to go!! 

Our cab picked us up and dropped at the Mactan port. From there a small boat took us to our very own 'Banca' . It was like a private yacht. In Phillipines the boats have wing like structures on the both sides of the boat. These are made of bamboo and provide better balance against the wild waves. These typical boats are called "Bancas".

I was sulking when I got into the boat. The shining sun was a threat to my patience. However as we sailed deeper into the ocean, my mood began to change. The cool ocean breeze, myriads of shades of blue water and silence all around was way too much to absorb!!Wait!! I didnot have time to sulk!! it was time to celebrate!! God is indeed the most wonderful artist!! These virgin places affirm this fact over and over again!!

Nalasuan island is mainly a marine sanctuary. Its mainly a place for snorkelling. Not very deep, one is forbidden to walk on the sea bed as the corals would break. So no matter however tired you get, you have to keep swimming!!

WE are fond of fish feeding and a hilarious thing happened!! We had a banana with us and we decided to feed it after we were out of stock. The fishes really seem to love it and they encircled my hubby from everywhere. The other impatient ones who could not grab a bite, started poking me from all sides. I started jumpming in shock. The banana was soon over and they wanted more. Now they started biting my husband and he tried to flee!! Suddenly a brainwave made him feed the banana peel which he was holding in his hand. The fishes just sniffed it and they started swimming away. Seems they were intelligent enough to detect that the peel was inedible!!

The island had a long pier which led to a private beach bungalow. I wish I own something of that sort later in my life!!

The beautiful colour of the sea calls for a Titanic moment!!

Do hell with fever, I am sunbathing!!

the marine sanctuary...

Little Yoga on the ocean...

Our very own cute na!!

tired after snorkelling...

dont go by my angry face..I am just ill...It was an awesome experience!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, especially the firts one! I love the dress!

  2. aww what a great place :D


  3. Amazing place and photos! I invite you to join my giveaway:


  4. Look at the color of the water! Surreal :)

  5. Too bad you were feeling sick.
    This place looks beautiful indeed.
    Have a nice week!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  6. Wow what an amazing trip! I'm sorry you got a bad cold but you did the best of it. Count me in! I would love to own a beach bungalow too :D Happy Tuesday pretty!!


  7. looks like a great trip, love your printed dress

    mon |

  8. What a perfect trip!