Bohol Island

by - 9/09/2014

It was our second day in Cebu. A trip to the Bohol island was scheduled on this day. We woke up at 5 in the morning ( after sleeping at 2 the previous night) and left for our ferry at half past five. It was raining heavily and cabs could not be found so early. I was praying that let not the rains be too heavy so as to cancel our ferry!!

Thankfully we reached the port on time. Our ship was just about to sail. We quickly gobbled our breakfast which our sweet hotel staff had packed for us and were ready to go. We took the package from a very well known tour provider: To Go agency and their vessels were too good!! After about two hours on the sea, in midst of rain and storm we reached the port of Taglibaran.

The culture of Bohol island was drastically different from that of manila and significantly different from Cebu. Manila being a big city was open minded. The Cebu people were moderately religious and open minded. While Bohol being a small town was very conservative. No girl could be seen wearing shorts and people there were very religious.

We were received at the port by our guide Jenny, who welcomed us with a souvenir pendant of the Tarsier, the smallest monkey in the world which we were going to see on the trip. Our tour group consisted of tourists all over the world: Americans, Koreans, Japanese, Malay et was truly a cosmopolitan crowd!!

Our first stop was the Church of Immaculate Conception. It is the oldest stone church of Phillipines. I did not know before that immaculate conception refers to Virgin Mary.

Our next stop was very awaited by the entire group. The smallest monkey in the world ..the tarsier. This tiny animal is the size of a mouse and is endangered species. It has quite distinguishing features from that of a regular monkey. First of all its nocturnal. secondly, its the only carnivorous monkey!! It feeds on mainly insects at night. Also their gestation period is 6 months which very long for such a small animal!! THis makes breeding very difficult and hence they have become endangered. 
This cute animal had big binocular like eyes. Its tail was twice as long as its body!! I was fortunate that I got to take a picture with him so close!! We were not allowed to touch it and all of them were camoflaged in the jungle. It was our guide's efforts that we spotted a couple of them!!

The first part of this trip being so awesome had a very sad ending. I lost this dress of mine. Sob Sob. I must have left it in the washroom while changing. I really loved the mint colour and had worn it for just a couple of hours. Worse, I did not even notice that I had lost it!! It was on the last day when i was packing I felt it missing. I have bought quite a number of mint dresses after this disaster but none of them can replace this one :(

the first glimpse I caught of the Pacific Ocean and I was mesmerized!!

The post of the Bohol Island..Taglibaran

with the cute tarsier pendant...such a wonderful way to greet guests!!

The church of Immaculate Conception

The oldest stone church in Philippines..a sweet German man took this pic of ours..

Entering the tarsier sanctuary...home of the smallest monkey in the world...

Is not he so cute!! Hard to believe that he is a monkey!! 

all sleepy and tired, not wanting to go back!!

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  1. Wow the dress is amazing you look sexy doll.

  2. That color looks so nice with your skin tone! Love that picture of you inside the church :)

  3. beautiful place, love the pics! and you look great!





  4. Hi sweetie, you look so sexy.
    I really like these photos
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage Diary Fashion blog

  5. I'm happy you had a great time apart from losing the dress! I'm sure you'll find even a better one ;)

    Chiara ~
    follow me on Instagram

  6. Happy Wednesday pretty! I'm so sorry you lost your dress. I love mint and this dress is perfect. The monkeys are super cute. Never seen anything like them before. I'm so sad because my beloved pet died. We had him for over 19 years and we miss him like crazy.


  7. Beautiful pictures! I love the dress!

  8. Beautiful pieces! I'm loving your fierce heels and fabulous hat. Such a marvelous outfit and you look amazing!

  9. Lovely outfit and nice places ;)

  10. OMG..this trip looks like so much fun. n i feel so sad abt ur dress..whn i saw this dress on ur fb notification of the post..i was going to tell u how much i loved it.
    It really looks so pretty on u.