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by - 9/13/2014

My life has been crazy for the past 15 days!! No I dont mean running non stop after my daughter... She drives me crazy already but I am not considering that!! I have joined masters in Hospital Administration and that calls for full time studying with a 6 month old!! I know..its my fault!! The worst part? I have to travel Dehradun to and fro without any chance of a travel post because I dont have anyone to click me!!

 My first year of MHA exams are going to start from Monday. I am leaving for Dehradun tomorrow early morning. I am really petrified as I have not studied a bit ( as I did not have time ). How do you expect a doctor to understand and study finance, accounts, management et al!! The hammer to my condition? I am down with high grade fever for the past 5 days!! So even if I want to study, I cant!! Worse, I wont be able to see my baby for 15 long days!! How tough is that going to be I have no idea. And 15 days of staying in a hill station calls for a blog post..ain't it? But I am hopeless because I dont think my batchmates will understand this. 

As I gear up for a tough phase, here is a round up of my Instagram updates. All these pictures have been taken by my phone. 
For more of food and fun updates, follow me @docdivatraveller.

Every cloud has a silver lining! As I would return from Dehradun after the exams, Durga Puja is starting!! That calls for a week long celebration!!
After that my hubby's birthday is going to be followed by two big trips in the coming two months!!yay!! Only I dont know how I am going to manage my studies and attendance and baby and household with all these things!! Phew!!

Now that I have finished writing this post, I have lost hours of my precious study time!! Not that I am complaining, this blog is my baby and my favourite pastime!! Thank you so much for reading!!
Having a blast at my nephew's birthday party...P.s I love balloons!!

This is the canteen of my college in Dehradun. Love the rain drenched look of the plants. Sweet are the nature of adversities! 
Recently I came across a bloggers post where she showcased her favourite rewears. I thought of doing a similar one!! Not that I repeat my clothes but I love restyling them differently nonetheless!!

Exam time calls for comfort food. For me comfort food means pizza and burger!! How many of you love the Dominos cheeseburst pizzas? Or is it just me who craves for trans fat laden junk!! Anyways I am ordering pizza every two days for the past 15 days!! Dont feel like cooking at all!!

Lately I have been attending a lot of Birthday parties. maybe people have started inviting us more because of our daughter. I love parties anyway and I get to taste some gorgeous cakes!! How cute are these!!

Shopping and trainride on a rainy day..can it get better!! This picture is from my early post partum days...see the swollen face ;)

An eventful day of shopping...Eventful because it involved a lot of shopping!!

a small celebratory dinner!! Good old days when I loved cooking!!

bar hopping with my underage companion!!

Elaborate Rakshabandhan celebrations!! Sweets and dry fruits galore!!

shopping for toys with my that I have a baby, My bestie Jaspreet loves shopping for her too!! Hamleys is our kind of paradise!! 
Hubby flanked by the two most precious women in his life...his sister and wife ..and the most precious woman is in his arms!!

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  1. Beautiful outfit, i am so sorry that you've got sick!

  2. Well ypu still make time for blogging great outfits

  3. I feel so sorry for you. Get well soon!!! I don't know how you can manage all of this. It sounds crazy. I had pizza too yesterday haha and I never liked cooking. Your daughter is sooooo cute it must be hard to leave her for 15 days. Fingers crossed for you and enjoy the weekend pretty!!


  4. Looks like lots of fun, great pictures, hope you are ok soon.

  5. P.S. make it (flanked by the three most precious women in my life)

  6. It looks like you had lots of fun! The pizza looks delicious!

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