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by - 3/05/2015

I have never lived alone. I have lived with my parents throughout my life till I got married. I mean I just got transferred from my parents' home to my husband's. People may find it very strange but I have been brought up in such a protective environment.

My tryst with hostel goes back to a long time. I scored superb during my tenth standard so I got admission in the best schools of Delhi. My parents and me wanted to go to DPS R K puram, one of the most premier schools of Delhi. However the school did not have a bus to Noida, my parents' place. That meant I was not going to be a day scholar and needed to stay in their hostel.

All the documents had been finalised and even half the fees had been paid too. Suddenly, my Mom developed cold feet. She was very impressed with the school campus but somehow the hostel rooms repelled her. She started wailing that I won't be able to stay in such lifeless rooms. I am very aesthetic at heart and I deserve to stay in my own house. Her disapproval was to such extent that we cancelled my admission and came back and got admission in the nearest school.

When it was time for me to go to college, my dad wanted to send me to Russia or Armenia for MBBS. But again my mother did not want her only child going away so I admission in a Delhi College.

After I became a doctor, I got married. It was time for me to study for my specialisation. Somehow I could not get into a Delhi college. My husband wanted to send me off to Kolkata but I just don't believe in long distance relationships. I never took a job outside Delhi even it paid me handsomely because I did not want to live alone. I could put up with the title of being not career oriented but could not afford to stay away from home.

Then I embraced motherhood last year. After four months I realised that it was high time I did my post graduation. So I joined Masters in hospital administration. When I took admission, I did not know that it would require me to go to Dehradun frequently. Then the ultimate test began. For my exams, I needed to stay in Dehradun for 12 long days.

I hardly knew my batch..infact I had met them for just a couple of classes. For a person like me who has never lived alone was to go to a new city with new friends that too for exams for a whopping twelve days! What would happen to my five month old daughter? How could I possibly live without her or vice versa? I had to stay in a hostel sharing room with girls I did not know. I don't even share my bathroom with my husband; how could I possibly do that with those new people?

Finally the ordeal began. I left my daughter at my mom's place. There in a tiny room I was studying for my exams while my parents were handling my infant. Every day seemed to be a burden. I could not concentrate on my books. I used to watch videos of my daughter and my hubby's photographs. At the end of the day I used to strike off each day from the calender. I often used to weep in the silence of the night. I just had one hope and used to look forward to going back home.

After twelve long days it was our last exam. I could not concentrate on my subject as I was too excited going home. Somehow we were done with our last exam and our train, Shatabdi Express was in the evening. I could not wait anymore to get a hug from my husband and my Mom and take my daughter into my arms.

My father and husband reached the station way ahead of the train's arrival time because they could not contain their excitement. As the train approached the platform, I spotted my husband running towards our compartment. It was a deja vu scene from Dilwale Dulhaniya movie. Tears welled up in my eyes. I had missed him so much!

After we got to the parking, my Dad was overjoyed. He drove the car as fast as he could so that we reached home quick. My daughter was still up. Her tiny face was trying to recognise me. After all how could a five month old possibly remember a person who she did not see for twelve long days? I waited for her smile but there was not any. I took her in my arms and she clung to me. Her soft ,tiny body was the best touch I have had in years. I swayed her for sometime and put her to sleep. After twelve long lone nights, I was finally able to sleep in my husband's arms with my daughter by my side. That is one of the best feelings ever till date. I realized that my family is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Home is where family is! My family is my source of optimism, positivity and hope!

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My small yet precious family ( sans my little one) holidaying in Dubai...

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  1. I totally get you. I had never lived alone too and I don't think I could! You have a beautiful family :)

  2. god bless u and ur loved ones!

  3. You all look stunning great family picture and you are so right home is where the family is great post dear.

  4. Thanks for writing such a lovely post :)
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