A royal stay in Jaipur

by - 3/31/2015

So who does not like a royal treatment? Even if we can't afford, what's the harm in dreaming by the way? So which place in India is the land of royals? Yes you got it right..Rajasthan! My favourite state of India which never fails to surprise me every time I visit.

Rajasthan is not only a favourite among Indians but is a sought after destination for foreign tourists. Celebrities come here to either get married or to renew their vows. Rings a bell? Yes I am talking about Elizabeth Hurley, Madonna, Katy Perry, etc etc. Foreigners love the rich culture and luxury which the royal lifestyle of Rajasthan oozes with. The most visited cities are Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Mount Abu , Jodhpur...and the list goes on.

Jaipur is not only the capital of this royal state but also its largest city. Also known as 'pink city', this place is studded with forts and palaces. The hit song 'Seher gulabi' is based on the beautiful pink architecture of this heritage city. Usually its the first stop for tourists visiting Rajasthan. As a result the Jaipur tourist hotels are always brimming with visitors. The tourism department is very active and hence the Jaipur tourism hotels offer first class service to its visitors.

Since Jaipur is just a five hour drive from Delhi, we keep on visiting this pink city. This place offers a welcome respite from the hustle bustle of Delhi by immersing us in its royal treatment. It was a couple of months back when we last visited this city. Every time we try different hotel bookings in Jaipur no matter however great our previous stay was. This is because I want to enrich my experience with variety!

The last time we stayed at a heritage haveli. Usually the present generation ( or a few back) had inherited 'Havelis ' from their ancestors. Hailing from royal families, the Rajputs used to have a lot of land area as well as palaces. A 'Haveli' can be considered to be a palatial mansion. As the monarchy faded, so did the palaces. The intelligent and business savvy new generation converted these havelis into hotels. Thus these heritage havelis have every bit of the modern amenities which you can think of without losing its royal charm! Such an idyllic combination!

Royal lounge...

The quintessential Rajasthani wall paintings adorning the Haveli walls... 

The rooms of the Haveli overlooking a small waterbody..

Stone walls and stairs...

well manicured gardens....



Elephants...an essential royal symbol...

Never ending stairway to the gigantic haveli

The courtyard inside the Haveli...

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