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by - 3/10/2015

My academic record has been pretty flawless. Its not that I am praising myself; the records speak for me. I always came first in class. In our country toppers are supposed to do only two things: either become a doctor or crack IIT and become an engineer. I, right from childhood wanted to become a doctor. Studying for the medical entrance requires pretty strong determination and inhuman hard work. There are about 20,000 seats in IIT while only 1400 seats in government medical colleges..the ones which good students aim for. I was ready to take up the challenge.

    My parents and teachers had a lot of expectations from me. That was pretty natural given my academic record. But entrance tests are like gambling. You need a lot of luck to sail through. People may say that its the 'Grapes are sour story', but even successful people agree to it. I had relentlessly studied for two years, during my eleventh and twelfth class but I was unable to crack the medical entrance. Phew! I had drowned my parents' hopes and dreams along with mine and let my teachers down.

Now I had three options,infact four in life. First I could appear for the engineering exams ( as there were so many seats and I was good in Maths). Second, I could drop a year and appear for the medical entrance again. Three: I could take up a course of my choice in Delhi University. Four: I could take up Homeopaathy in the most premier institute of India.

Now I was in a jinx. I had not filled any engineering forms because I was dead sure that I was to become a doctor. I really don't know why I took up Maths in +2 as maths along with Biology is a suicidal combination. I did not want to drop. I was intimidated by the thought of losing 365 precious days of my life. And what was the guarantee that I would clear the entrance in the next attempt? A lot of my brilliant seniors had fallen victims to this. So losing a year was out of question.
 Now I was left with two options. I was getting whichever course I wanted in Delhi University. Since the admission process in DU was solely based on merit, no one could beat me in that. I had scored 90% in my twelfth boards and that was my ticket to good colleges. I was getting Botany Honors in Hindu College and above all Chemistry Honors in St. Stephens.
Now botany and Chemistry were both of my favorite subjects but the college options spoke for themselves. Hindu was a very good name but unmatched to St.Stepehens college. The insititute which has produced alumni like Khushwant Singh, Kabir Bedi, Kapil Sibaal, Konkona Sen Sharma, Shashi Tharoor to name a few was a dream for millions. It was not that easy to get into Stephens. Apart from scrutinizing 10 and 12 results, they took an extremely tough interview. It was after that I got admission.

But somehow I was not convinced. My heart and soul wanted to treat patients and it was not possible with chemistry. So I went with Bachelor of Homoeopathic Sciences and Surgery in Nehru Homeopaathic Medical college, Delhi,under Delhi University. I wanted to become a doctor no matter if it was being a homeopathic physician in place of being a surgeon. That was the hardest blow to everyone related to me.

My parents, my well wishers, teachers and neighbors tried to convince me not to take up BHMS.  They were adamant that brilliant students never take up Homeopathy. Some tried to persuade me into dropping a year and trying again while others said that I should never leave Stephens. Students toil hard to get into Stephens and I should not let go of that opportunity. I was absolutely torn. Every point was valid but in the end I wanted to become a doctor without losing a year ( even if it was becoming a homeopathic physician).
So the day when I cancelled my St Stephen's admission to get into Nehru Homeopathic Medical College was the boldest decision of my life. I started a new life. #StartANewLife

Who knows where I might have been if I had passed out from St Stephens? But one thing was for sure..I would not been able to cure people and earn their blessings. I have very big hopes of setting up my own clinic and becoming an eminent Homeopathic physician. Just like Housing.com which promises hope and optimism in every step.

I am content to be a doctor and able to cure people....

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