Warm hospitality of Delhi

by - 3/23/2015

Delhi is a major tourist attraction. It is not only the capital of India but a major historical spot integrated into a high tech city. Therefore it attracts millions of tourists every year. As far as international tourism goes, the numbers have changed by leaps and bounds in the past years. Earlier Mumbai was the gateway to India. But now the majority of international airlines have directs flights to Delhi. The result being great increase in the inflow of tourists in Delhi. As far as accommodation needs go, there are a good number of hotels near Delhi.

The number of domestic tourists visiting this place way outnumber the international ones. For thousands of people. Delhi is a dream. While thinking of tourism, we can't just concentrate on the affluent ones. Not all can afford to travel via planes. That too when the Indian railway network has so many trains to Delhi. The major stations that cater to the tourists are New Delhi raiway station, Old Delhi railway station, Hazrat Nizamuddin, Sarai Rohila etc. For those arriving at the former three stations, there are hundreds of accomodation options in Paharganj. For those arriving at Sarai Rohilla, there are a good number of hotels in North Delhi.

With hundreds of websites nowadays, hotel bookings in Delhi have become a cakewalk. You can pay via your debit or credit card, transfer cash to their account or choose to pay later! I personally prefer to pay in advance as it secures my room. But I have to admit that I develop jitters when it comes to booking abroad. What if they dupe me? Anyways that can't deter me from travelling!

I being a travel freak is on the constant lookout for good deals in hotels. As much as I love staying in luxury hotels, its not always possible to rake out so much moolah all the time. So I have shortlisted a few must haves on my list. My hotel should have a swimming pool, clean rooms and centrally located. If its a beach holiday, it should be at a walking distance from the beach. If the hotel satisfies all these conditions, it would not matter to me if its a luxury or a budget one. Sometimes it feels good to save money on accomodation. I spend that money on shopping!

In Delhi where there are a myriad of luxury hotels, I tend to keep visiting them often. Be it our regular doctor parties or the less frequent blogger meet ups, they are excellent venues. There is no upper limit when it comes to luxury. But its good to keep yourself grounded!

Recently I visited the Taj Mahal hotel. After being to almost every five star in Delhi, I would say the Taj group has the most beautiful of hotels. But having said that, majority of the hotels offer very warm hospitality in Delhi.

Well manicured lawns...

Beautifully carpeted stairway...

Nice lobby...

beautiful walls...

A place to sit in the garden...

last but not least...good food!!

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  1. Wow that food looks amazing now I'm very hungry.

  2. OMG...such beautiful pics.
    U capture the real beauty of every place you visit.