Baga at night...

by - 3/18/2015

It was our second night in Goa. The day had been spent visiting churches. We were very privileged that we could be a part of the exposition of the sacred relics of St Francis Xavier! Read it here. According to our itinerary, all the nights had been kept for partying. Last night it was Anjuna, so tonight it was Baga.

The nightlife of Baga is very well known and notorious. I guess every guy who has been to Goa has had some really wild times here. Well Baga nightlife can be divided into two parts...the first: Tito's lane which is exclusively pubs and discotheques and the second are the beachside pubs. While Tito's lane is for the wild, the beachside pubs are for everyone. We decided to ditch Tito's lane completely and kept it for the following night and proceeded towards the beach.

The shacks were beautifully decorated. Tables were spread out on the sand with just candles burning on them. It was a marvellous sight. Music was coming from the shacks and people were dining merrily on the candle lit stretches under the starlit sky.

We first entered Brittos which was the largest beachside restaurant. It was beautifully decorated and the people inside were in full party mood. Somehow we did not dance there and left after a quick dinner.

Our next stop was St Anthonys where the DJ was playing all our favourite songs and people were dancing like crazy! We dropped our bags and danced till our feet hurt. We were so tired from the hundreds of kms we had travelled that our legs started shaking after a while. It was best to go back and rest. After all it was a busy day tomorrow and half of the trip was still left.

Reluctantly we came out. When we glanced at our watch, it was half past one!! We had an early day the next day and so we scurried to our hotel!! 

Dinner at a fancy place...
These windows are different from the above ones!!

The beautiful interiors of Brittos

When everyone goes to sleep, Brittos wakes up!!

romantic ambiance...

Such a romantic setting!!

Candlelit stretches under a starlit sky...

The place where we danced like crazy!!

The place where I let my hair down (literally) and danced to my heart's content!!

on the way back to our hotel..don't the name of this church..

Dress, necklace: Globus
Earrings : Claires

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  1. The interiors of the eateries look so cool..n look at u..yummy mumy back in shape. Kudos to u.


  2. Looking very pretty awesome fun romantic place.

  3. Beautiful pics!!

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  4. I ADORE the pinky bag! (: You look so cute!


  5. That looks so romantic.