Turning one...

by - 3/27/2015

First of all I am late in writing this post. A fortnight late to be precise. Actually things were so crazy busy that I did not even have time to transfer the photographs to my computer let alone pen down this special post! Well, very special indeed! Our daughter turned one! Phew! time flies! It seems that she was born just yesterday! But our tiny girl completed one year of her existence in this world!

To start with, we did not celebrate in Delhi. It was her paternal Grand pa's wish to have a gala party in Varanasi. It would be the official introduction of his granddaughter in his locality. So things became more hectic as we had to travel 800 kms with an infant. To add more woes, she was not well. I had already decided to take a break from the hospital for a few months. Otherwise things would have been tougher. I plan to continue to take care of her till she is old enough.

Our arrival was brimming with excitement. We were travelling with my sister in law and her younger son; and having two naughty babies made everything tougher as well as crazier! My inlaws were waiting with their arms wide open for the two apple of their eyes!

The big day started with "Tika" in which the elders shower the kid with blessings. Then my favourite activity began...decorations! We had professionals to do it but I could not detach myself from the process! I blew balloons and played with them till my mom chided like anything. I have loved balloons from the time I was born and continue to love them. After a yummy lunch, it was time for the religious rituals.

The ceremony started with the recitation of Sundar Kand. After that there was a Havana and Arti. It was after that we got into the party mood. I changed into a more comfortable outfit from my saree. My daughter changed dresses around 4 times ( party outfits) and only a mom can understand what an uphill task it is :D

We all were at the party venue ( our terrace) but something very important was missing...the Cake! We had ordered a 5 kg Barbie cake which was very fragile and needed utmost care to be delivered. My husband had asked two of his closest friends to pick it up and bring it with them. But they were stuck in a hopeless traffic jam. Hell broke loose when they could not budge even an inch. My sister in law suggested that we get another cake but thankfully the cake arrived late but safe!

In all the evening was a splendid one. We being the hosts had lots to do so could not enjoy much. But it was a very special day for us. After all would our daughter ever turn one again? No!! :) 

P.s Has anyone noticed my short tresses? I had chopped off a considerable length of my waist long hair in an impulse. Surprisingly everyone in the hospital had noticed it the very next day except for my husband! He noticed after his sister remarked :D that too after a month :D

A Barbie cake for our Barbie daughter

A little pre birthday celebration at our place...Me and my cousin sister in law have swapped our daughters!!

So what if its my daughter's birthday? I have the right to play with balloons too!!

I just love balloons...period.

Its time for Homa or Havana

My dad has more interest in his grand daughter than the rituals...

Princess of the day...with her maternal Grandpa

Everyone seems to be enjoying except for the birthday girl herself!!

Its mothers galore! 3 mothers...My mom (left) MIL (right) and me! I keep on forgetting that I am a mom too :D

The host gets to eat at the end...It was such a crazy busy day that I did not even have time to take pictures of my outfit!

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  1. So precious what a cool party love the cake and the baby is adorable you look like you having a blast doll. Have a great weekend.

  2. Amazing cake) In childhood I'm dreaming about Barbie's life)
    Have a good weekend)

  3. Happy birthday to your baby girl. She really looks like a princess :) I once had a barbie cake like thet one and I had never forget it <3

  4. OMG So cute!!!
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl.
    Maggie D.
    Fashion Blog Maggie Dallospedale fashion diary

    Love love love the balloons and cake! Yummy! Looks like you guys had fun!

    Have a wonderful weekend! xo
    ♥ www.thekawaiiplanet.com

  6. Happy belated b-day to your little girl. Omg you're right time flies. Glad that the Barbie cake arrived safely. A b-day without cake sucks. I wish I had one like that when I was younger. Your hair looks amazing, Don't worry men only notice a hair change when it looks bad haha :D Happy Monday Mandira!


  7. Happy birthday to your baby girl!
    The cake looks so cute and girly.
    Have a nice week.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  8. Happy bday to the little angel. I want the cake too.

    I absolutely love the new look of ur blog..grt going.
    Do participate in the giveaway m hosting on my blog.


  9. Such a cute angel...happy birthday... :-)