A day of travelling with ASUS ZENFONE5

by - 3/17/2015

You must have already read a fine day at work with my Zenfone5 here. I got to use it for a week and thankfully a couple of days of travelling were included in it too. We were going to Udaipur for our wedding anniversary celebrations. My Zenfone5 served as the perfect companion for our small getaway.

My Zenfone 5 keeps me connected no matter wherever I go...

Before leaving, I studied the map of Udaipur and its route from Delhi. Thanks to its 1.6 Ghz Intel Dual Core processor, all functions run so smoothly. Google maps can be navigated with breeze. I also did a weather check with the weather app.

Then I confirmed me and my husband's train reservation with the IRCTC App on my Zenfone. My Zenfone5 operates as fast as my laptop and I can switch tasks without lags!

We reached Udaipur early in the morning and were famished. A lavish breakfast was on our mind with not so much information about the restaurants in this new city. Immediately I took out my Zenfone5 and opened the Tripadvisor App. It gave us a list of restaurants in our locality and we refueled ourselves.

Breakfast made more sumptuous by the excellent picture quality of my Zenfone 5...
I am not only a foodie but a bigtime food photographer too. I indulge in every bit of Food pornography ( as they say). No matter however hungry me or my partner is, a bite cannot be taken unless its clicked. I took excellent pictures of our breakfast with my Zenfone. Lunch was not that lavish but I took its picture nonetheless. Thanks to its unique PixelMaster technology, its rear 8MP camera combines 5 brightness enhancing lenses to take perfect photos. Also its 1280* 720 p HD resolution gives a stunning display of pictures on its 5 inch screen.

a humble lunch...
Then we romped around merrily and took hundreds of pictures with my Zenfone5. 

I updated my facebook page and Instagram account with the beautiful pictures I clicked. I also checked my Blogger dashboard thanks to the impressive touch responsiveness with a quick response time of 60ms. My fingers can operate like a mouse! Every tap, swipe and gesture is registered immediately. I can also use it while wearing gloves! That's such a boon for us who have to brave the Delhi chill!! Also I didn't have to worry about damaging my Zenfone's screen ( which happens so frequently during travelling). The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects my Zenfone5 from scratches and accidental screen damages.

Mirror mirror on the Zenfone, who is the fairest of all? ;)

In between, I did quick touch ups with the Mirror app. Now I don't need the ladies room for this!

shopping time..selfie time...
Any celebration would be incomplete without its share of shopping. My sweet hubs took me out for a shopping spree. Again with my Zenfone I took innumerable selfies of myself in the outfits I loved. Not only I love documenting my haul but its easier to show my partner what I liked. The Beauty option in my Zenfone makes me look prettier! ( Not that I am not originally :p he he :D) I am old fashioned you see :D Cheers to PixelMaster! The 2MP front camera is cool too!

Gorgeous Lake Pichola at night...picture by my Zenfone 5...

When the sun went down the city lit up like a diamond. The lake Pichola was studded with lights adorning its banks. The low light option in my Zenfone takes stunning pictures at night. There is a low light and a night option which you can use for situations like this. The pictures really turned out beautiful with impressive visual clarity and excellent colours thanks to the ASUS TruVivid technology

Beautiful photo taken by my zenfone5
With my Zenfone5, I can stay connected with my loved ones everywhere. As the clock struck midnight, wishes came pouring in. My Zenfone5 has a dual Sim function by which I can separate my work with my personal life. Also it has got excellent signal reception. Its advanced QuadBand technology connects me to high quality voice and high speed data networks across all four corners of the globe. So roaming or not, you stay connected..always. Whether its chatting with my bestie on Hike messenger or pulling legs on Whatsapp, My Zenfone made me feel at home. Also Its Omelet chat option makes chatting and sharing pictures and videos more fun!
staying connected with loved ones...

Before calling it a night, I connected my Zenfone5 with my laptop with the PC link. My lappy became my phone! I could navigate my phone with a mouse! Then I took a backup of my captures. 

The ASUS Open Cloud technology integrates the cloud space on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive right into my favorite ASUS apps to make accessing my content as flexible as possible like file manager, music player and gallery apps. My photos and music files can be streamed directly from the cloud to my Zenfone5, eliminating the need to download & store the files in 
my phone’s memory.

The I plugged the charger into my Zenfone. I must say its battery is pretty decent as it survived the whole day!!

It was a long yet wonderful day and my Zenfone5 made it even better! One more day with my Zenfone5 coming soon!

Blue Blazer: Vero Moda
Jacket: Forever 21
Pink dress: Globus
Black dress: Promod
White purse: Prada (vintage)
Pink bag: Aldo
Boots: Aldo

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  1. Such an amazing adventure!

  2. The food looks delicious cool images.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your little getaway Mandira. Love the photos. That's really an amazing phone!


  4. Great experience! I love your blue blazer!

  5. Belas imagens arrasou,
    Curta e siga o meu canal:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xZdo8xMv34

  6. Amazing photos, looks like your having an time.