A day to remember

by - 3/15/2015

Remember slam books? Yes those confessional kind of notepads where we used to write nice things about ourselves. Depending on whose slambook it was, we used to praise the owner and condemn our common enemies! There used to be some specific columns like 'person I love/hate most', most embarrassing or most memorable moment, etc. Today when I go through those pages which had been penned down around 10 to 15 years back, tears of joy well up in my eyes. Our lives were so uncomplicated. The most embarrassing moments would be being scolded by the teacher, saddest ones being scoring bad and the most memorable ones would be topping the class. How innocent were these! 

Now if you think, what would you probably fill in those columns? Our lives have become far too entangled to associate saddest moment with scoring less marks. And as far as most memorable moment goes, things are deeper than standing first in class. Over the time I have realized that my family is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I got married pretty young; at around 22 to be precise. I got married during my internship. I met my prospective husband (boyfriend) at the starting of my internship and got married after ten months. The days of my internship were pretty difficult. They were mixed actually; but over weighed with stress. There were two upsides of those twelve months...three actually. First: no exams. Second: a date with my fiance at the end of a hectic day ( even if it was a very short one) . Third: The stipend at the end of the month..my first very own earnings. 

Our date for marriage was fixed before a couple of months. Inter community marriages come with their own share of hassles. Clash of rituals, ideologies, guests lists, etc just to name a few. After a stressful day at the hospital, I would come home to all these conflicts. Sometimes the level of stress at home would surpass that of the hospital. There had been many times when I developed cold feet for the wedding just to avoid all these conflicts. I was worried about my professional as well as personal future. I felt that everything was dark.

Finally the big day day came and we got married...smoothly! Many people would consider their wedding day to be their their most memorable one. But my worries did not get over with our wedding. Our reception was at Varanasi, my husband's hometown. So we left for Varanasi the next day right after we got married.
A completely new environment, myriads of  rituals and the stress of getting accepted left me totally drained.  But I had something very wonderful to look forward to...a life with the love of my life. And to start it, we had our first vacation together in Mauritius.

The day when we arrived in Mauritius would be the most memorable day of my life till date. After so much stress, worries, deadlines, conflicts, etc, we flew 6000 kms away to a picturesque island where no one could disturb us. Mauritius had been my dream destination right from my childhood. That dream being fulfilled by the love of my life was the most memorable moment.

After we landed there, we switched off our cellphones. In midst of the chaotic wedding preparations and hectic work schedules, we did not a have a real conversation in the past two months! We again connected and shared our thoughts and feelings after such a long time. In fact the ambiance was so beautiful that we could even interpret each other's silence. We lazed there for a week and recharged ourselves to face the reality back in India.

I don't know about the future but the day when we landed in Mauritius would remain the most memorable day of my life. Spending a week at the picturesque island with my love gave me a new lease of life. Just like Housing.com which promises optimism in every step! 

With my love at my dream destination..#together .....the most memorable day of my life...

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  1. I had no idea how troublesome a marriage could be. It's totally different where I come from. It's good to have an insight how it's in other countries. So glad you could overcome all the trouble and that you have found true love. Happy Sunday Mandira!