A day at home with ASUS Zenfone5

by - 3/24/2015

This is my last day with my fabulous zenfone5. I hope you have read two of my fabulous days with my Zenfone5 here and here. Sadly I had to part with it after today's post! It almost became a part of me and it was my constant companion during this week!

My Zenfone ...my constant companion...
I am so not a morning person. You must have known from here and here. However off days should have something healthy in our routine..or at least my husband thinks so. But I believe weekends should be spent in the bed..sleeping. So this Sunday he dragged me for a morning walk. Walk or stroll, I never leave home without my headphones. And with my Zenfone5, music is a grand experience. The ASUS Golden ear team has done a great job with the SonicMaster technology to deliver an incredible sound experience!
Hubs also used the Google Fit app on my zenfone to keep a tab on his fitness!!
Miss Sleepy eyes...my Zenfone entertains me with its awesome sound quality during my morning stroll.
After a lazy stroll we were obviously famished. I usually consult my smartphone for recipes on weekends. With my zenfone, Google Chrome runs easy and smooth. The ZenUI is exclusively designed to meet my needs. I can multitask seamlessly without any lags. All that for which I need a laptop can be done on my Zenfone but without any hassles of a lappy! Also its increased touch sensitivity helps me operate with my gloves on! So I can use use my phone during baking or cleaning too!

Cooking is more fun with my Zenfone!!

Usually I used to worry about taking care of my phone while cooking so as not to soil it. But my Zenfone5 has an antifingerprint coating to prevent smudges. Also its Corning Gorilla Glass3 protects it from scratches and accidental screen damages.So worry free in the kitchen too!

Damage proof screen of my Zenfone means worry free in the kitchen!!

  Multitasking can be tough especially when you are short of time. Juggling a full time job, studies and a blog with an eleven month old can be quite daunting. I have so many things to consult on the internet on weekends but I neither have the time to switch on my laptop nor my daughter lets me keep it on. Hence I need a smartphone which can multitask like me.

 My Zenfone has 1.6 Ghz Intel dual core processor and power vr GPU with a 2 GB RAM which makes switching between tabs very easy. Heavy web pages can be browsed effortlessly and I am able to multitask absolutely flawlessly. My zenfone operates as fast as my laptop! 

In order to be a good parent, I need to update my mothering skills and learn regularly. One of my favourite sites to do that is Baby centre. I enjoyed reading baby centre with my baby on my Zenfone5.

Reading Babycentre with my infant...

On weekends I have more time to update my social media. With my Zenfone5 I updated my Instagram and facebook page in a jiffy!

My Zenfone has Kindle which thrills a bibliophile like me!!
In the afternoon after I put my little one to sleep, I had a bit of 'me' time. I took out time for my passion :reading and chatted with my bestie on my Zenfone to catch up with her developments. My Zenfone has Amazon Kindle where I can find the books which I don't have in my library.

Me time....chatting and reading...

My Zenone helps decide my outfits with the Polyvore App!!
In the evening we decided to go for a small outing. A national Tribal festival was going on and it was silly to miss it. For dressing up I used my favourite app Polyvore! My Zenphone helped me choosing my outfit too! What could a fashionista ask more for in a phone!

Getting ready for the date...watching a hair tutorial on You tube on my Zenfone...
Then I switched on YouTube to see a hair tutorial. Thanks to the impressive touch responsiveness with a quick response time of 60ms, my fingers can operate like a mouse! Every tap, swipe and gesture is registered immediately. 

Satisfying my selfie fetish before heading out!!
After I got dressed, I took a selfie of myself. One of the best features of the Zenfone 5 is its 8MP rear camera. It's infused with ASUS's unique Pixelmaster technology which combines five brightness enhancing lenses to achieve perfect photos.

Shooting a video with my Zenfone...
The tribal festival was the perfect place to use my zenfone for capturing those awesome performances. Its low light mode and Night Mode takes amazing captures at night!
Awesome photogrphs in low light...

Capturing video of the amazing performances....my Zenfone makes incredible videos...that too in low light!!
After we came back, the power was cut off. It was dark and we were having trouble in opening the door. My Zenfone came to our rescue with its bright flashlight! Could you possibly expect a smartphone to have a torch! No! But its an incredible experience with the Zenfone!

My laptop becomes my phone with the PC connect....
I backed up all the photos and videos we took of our outing in the drive. ASUS Open Cloud technology integrates the cloud space on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft One Drive right into my favorite ASUS apps to make accessing my content as flexible as possible like file manager, music player and gallery app. My photos and music files can be streamed directly from the cloud to my Zenfone, eliminating the need to download & store the files in my phone’s memory.

It was a tiring yet fruitful Sunday. Tomorrow was Monday again and I had to gear up for the coming week. After I tucked my baby, I put on my headphones. It was as if my Zenfone5 was singing me lullabies and I dozed off.

Tired and sleepy...dozing off with my Zenfone!!
Pink blazer: Zara
Tunic: Zara
Dress: Pantaloons
Sweatshirt: United Colours of benetton

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  1. Great way to display the use of the phone especially finding recipes and taking images love it. Also your little one is so cute like his mom. Have a great weekend.

  2. What an incredible post..well done.
    N your shoe rack, MY GOD...u cud kill someone with ur high Heels Collection. ;)


  3. aww love this! Lovely photos :3

    Ana, xx ♥

  4. Beautiful phone!!

  5. Love the pics of you (:

    ♥ www.thekawaiiplanet.com

  6. That phone has everything one needs! Even an Kindle cos I don't want to carry mine around all the time. I'm not a morning person too and I rather spend my sundays in the bed sleeping but I guess hubby is right. To do something for your health isn't a bad idea. It's too bad that you can't keep the phone. Wish you a happy Tuesday Mandira!!


  7. Nice relax day!

  8. Beautiful phone! Great pictures!

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  10. The phone looks good (: never try this brand before but it's awesome (: x