This year, Self Care should be the resolution

by - 1/06/2019

'Self care is the first romance'. I first learnt about taking care of oneself above others was when I was doing my post graduation in Yoga sciences and Naturopathy. We were taught (in fact it was in the scriptures too) that the most important relationship in the world is that with our own self. Strange it may sound but it's terribly true. We may drain our entire life trying to please others but first we should pamper ourselves.
Nowadays, self care has become ubiquitous. For me, it's much more than the regular Epsom salt baths, charcoal face masks or salon treatments. The greatest pampering session we can gift to ourselves would be fitness. And for that we really need to keep moving.
Earlier, general public used to think that workouts were either for the models or for the overweight people. But that's so not true. I am a general physician and it's my daily routine to motivate my patients to workout regularly apart from my prescription. I explain them that it's a necessity, irrespective of your weight/ busy schedule. If we can take out time for eating and taking shower everyday, so can we do for at least half an hour walk. Most of the ailments are taken care of by simply working out regularly. Lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, hyperacidity, PCOD etc all these demand workout. Lifestyle management is equally important as medicines... both go hand in hand.
Now the question is how do we know what and how much of everything is needed for a fitter you? Thankfully the answer is very simple. It's a fitness band! We all know that we need to shed those 7 kgs to achieve an optimal BMI. We also know that we need to burn at least 300 calories per day to reach that goal. But how to track everything? A Smart Wearable band helps to do all of this.

You can simply set to an alarm of burning 300 calories per day. It would constantly remind you that you need to run 15 more minutes on the treadmill. You can also connect it with your smartphone through the app and can have a comprehensive idea of what to eat and not, based on calories. Not to forget that it becomes so much easier when you already know that how many calories are there in that submarine sandwich before you put it inside your mouth.

For eg we all know that 10000 steps is required every day. Your band will constantly remind you that you are falling short of these many steps, you should get moving to complete your daily quota. It's so much easier to #GetFitWithFlipkart !
As much as self care is a fitter and healthier you, it's also about pampering. Imagine walking into a Smart home that has lights on at the exact brightness as your mood and at the optimal temperature after a long commute in the bitter Delhi winters. Wouldn't your home truly be a heaven? Thankfully the days of Aladin and the magic lamp are back. With Google home, one doesn't even need to rub the lamp. You just need to say Google do this, and that would be done.

Or imagine you need to surprise your husband with his favourite song, on the morning of his birthday, without getting out from the blanket. You can just say 'Google, play 'O Sanam' and your better half can wake up blissfully from his special day slumber! Not to forget all the myriads of things you can do with your voice. Aladin had to rub the lamp, all you have to say 'Google do this'.
 #SmartHomeRevolution is more than just self is a lifestyle. Something that elevates our everyday life so that we have time and energy dedicated to doing more important things in life. One may wonder whether it makes us lazy. I would beg to differ. Your smart home would enable you to workout more efficiently because you won't be drained physically doing housework. And of course your fitness band would help track your fitness and motivate you to workout more. Let's make 'self care' our foremost 2019 resolution!

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  1. I like a smart home and so true will make you work efficiently, great post.

  2. Very well said, Mandira. Self care starts with smart devices that help us to deal with everyday problems... :-)