How to pack your gadgets in your bag

by - 1/10/2019

What is it with women and their bags? A handbag is the most indispensable thing for a woman and its the most mysterious thing for a man. There are so many jokes surrounding a ladies purse. The commonest being calling a handbag equivalent to that of a 'Black Hole'! Well being a female myself I too can't move without a purse!
I almost carry everything in my purse. That is why I just cannot manage without a big bag. From my iPad to an extra pair of footwear to a book and powerbank and snacks, my handbag is kind of a mini home. Even my husband calls it a Black Hole as I never seem to find anything which I am searching for at the first attempt!

However I am worried about my gadgets in my bag whether they are safe and scratch proof. Though it's too a difficult task considering I am a mom, I still manage somehow. When you are carrying your infant, you either need to carry a separate bag or your handbag should be big enough to hold diapers, wipes, baby food along with all your knick knacks! A good iPad cover is perfect in such case.

A pretty bag should be able to carry your wallet, make up touch ups your phone and your iPad too. A blogger like me or any other professional in that matter need to be on their toes all the time. Also when you are frequently travelling, whether solo or with your toddler, you need your own mode of entertainment...all the time.
I always needed a cover for my iPad that serves both the purpose ie protection plus ability to stand for hands free entertainment and I found the ideal one at FYY!

What I love about these:

  • These iPad covers are for the latest version, ie New Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2018.
  • These are made of luxury cowhide genuine leather.
  • The interior is made of soft cloth which provides a firm grip and excellent durability.
  •  The case is absolutely handcrafted.
  • These support Apple pencil charging.
  • Light and easy to carry. Ultraslim and hence fits in my bag perfectly. 
  • Easy access to all the ports and controls.
  • Have excellent heat dissipation.
  • It has an adjustable stand with multi viewing angles which is perfect for video chatting and movie viewing.
  • Automatically wakes when the lid is opened and goes to sleep when it's closed.
  • Last but not the least, it's very fashion forward and suits my lifestyle to the fullest.

  • It's available in a variety of colours and is very reasonably priced.

Aren't you impressed? Follow FYY Facebook for more such designs!

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  1. What a pretty cool gadget and practical. Thanks for sharing

  2. What a lovely look with pops of pink!! Love it! xx

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