by - 1/09/2019

Our crowning glory is our most prized possession. Whether its male or female, hair is one's greatest weakness. We spend so much time, efforts and money on maintaining our mane. Still we are seldom satisfied. The truth is that beautiful hair depends on so many factors. We do all the things to damage our hair: erratic lifestyle, unhealthy diet, stress, lack of proper hair care and so  on. Being a physician who mainly deals with hair and skin, I handle hundreds of hair patients daily. And the numbers are on the rise!

For those days when we don't feel like styling our hair or we decide to give our hair a break, what is the solution? Should we step out of the house with bad hair? I would be rather caught dead than be caught in public on a bad hair day! I have found the answer to these kinda days..human hair bundles!

Brazilian Curly weave: I have pitch black hair. Sometimes I feel like having my hair color lightened or be ombre to be precise. But bleaching my dark hair would mean permanent damage. For these kind of situations you can opt for ombre bundles. These are made from 100% human hair. These are vetu chic and popular right now. They are not attatched to the scalp. Hence they do not receive the oil from the scalp which natural hair does. As a result, no need for washing frequently if you take good care of them.

Hair bundles with closure : Do you know how to under go a complete makeover? Go blonde! Yes, that is a total look changer. However if you have dark hair like me, bleaching can ruin your hair totally. So if you want a new yourself, opt for this style. 

These bundles with frontal are made from Brazilian human hair. Virgin hair have been used. These are very natural looking hair. Full frontal gives a very natural hairline. You can opt for new hairstyles altogether. 

The good news is that UNice is celebrating its 3 rd anniversary where you can get excellent virgin hair bundle deals at great discounts!

9th January to 14th January 10% off;code: UN10.

15th January 10% off +up to $100 off(Random reduce up to $100).

Isn't it awesome? So what are you waiting for? Change your look right now!

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