Education on a boat

by - 4/12/2015

Varanasi is very close to my heart. Not because I am religious or a Hindu or a  Buddhist (the primary reasons for loving Varanasi) but because its my 'sasural'. My husband has been born and brought up there. Its the rich upbringing which has made him what he is today. Both of my in laws are a product of the Banaras Hindu University and are very learned. 

There are hundreds of elite intellectuals and famous personalities who are products of Varanasi. Lal Bahadur Shastri, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Birju Maharaj, Madan Mohan Malviya to name a few. But sadly the current state of the children there is not so promising. They wander aimlessly on the ghats of Ganga with very little attention to essential learning.

The problem of illiteracy has been haunting India ever since. Today we have the largest population of illiterate adults in the world. As we have the second highest population in the world, this does not come as a surprise. What is shocking though is the disparity between everything. As much as we can boast of the huge chunk of intellectuals we are producing, we have to face the rampant illiteracy too. Our greatest strength, manpower has become our greatest hindrance. All this is because of illiteracy. From population to pollution to unemployment and crime, the root to every evil is illiteracy.

So much has been said about illiteracy but what do we actually do? Well now we can. It may be the stepping stone to many pioneer projects taking place in our country. The journey of doing right has just began.

The children are the future of our country. In order to provide an ideal learning enviroment to the children of Varanasi, the NGO Gudia has started a unique concept of boat school under the leadership of Ajeet Singh.

The holy city of Varanasi nestled on the banks of Ganges sees millions of visitors in a year. While thousands take a dip to wash their sins away, this makes Ganga one of the most polluted rivers over there. On the banks thousands of children engage in different trades and waste their time aimlessly. 

The Varanasi boat school is a stepping stone in the world of learning; the children spend two hours after their regular school day and study, play and revise without any pressure or tension.

You can contribute too. Step on board and help give it a magical transformation that will ensure an enhanced learning environment that the children truly deserve. Help us create awareness by provoking people to go on to the campaign site Do , to read the whole story and request them into donating towards the unique boat school. The money would be used for #ScholarShip, restoration, redecoration and facilities that will ensure the most ideal learning environment for the children.

The iconic ghats of Varanasi...

Tourists on a boat ride on the Ganges

The ghats of Varanasi

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