by - 4/15/2015

It was the second morning of our third day. We were staying ( now) in Calangute, the longest beach of Goa. Since it was winter, sunrise took place pretty around quarter to before that it was a 'no photo time zone':p

The beach was just five minutes walk from our hotel so we did not care to take our bike. The beach was really fact the ends could hardly be seen!! We had a long day ahead but our itinerary started from 10 in the morning. So we took out our tripod and took as many silly pictures possible!

Calangute is a really happening beach. The water is gorgeous and so are the waves. Interestingly, hawkers flock around to sell all the titbits you need!! My partner cannot survive without tea. I am a coffee person but its not indispensible for me. Anyways a hawker came on his bicycle with tea and hot samosas. Seems there was a radar kind of thing! So what could have been merrier!! We just love samosas and hubby was craving tea!! Also we got the much needed glucose shot that we needed to walk before we could have breakfast!

On the way back to our hotel, we spotted some youngsters performing on the beach. Drums and guitars et al. On asking which band they belonged to, we came to know that they were actors and not musicians. A Telugu movie was getting shot over there. Excited, we went to the main set. Two pretty heroines were lying on the sunbed with a maid in the front. A guy was supposed to bring them beers. Since it was in Telugu, we could understand the language!! Since everyone was busy shooting, we could not even ask the name of the film sadly :(

That was an interesting start to an even more eventful day!!

Pink paradise!!

Let's complete this journey together...

And remain each other's support...
Now let's kick each other!!

Then jump in the air!!
And finally run away from everything!!

Shooting of a Telugu movie taking place.. The bearded man is the director..oh..there are two such men!!

Telugu movie in the making...

Our favourite breakfast..Onion uttapam and Masala dosa...

Hubby's go to breakfast..South Indian food!!

Fresh catch from the sea!!
St. Alex of the largest churches of Calangute.. Our first stop on the dry zone :D

Crop top, Chain: Forever21
Sunnies: Aldo
Bangles: Globus

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  1. You guys rock and look amazing great travel I wish I could go there.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love your dress!

  3. so fun! beautiful church! So cool that you got to see the movie being shot!

  4. Hi Darling,
    amazing pictures! You look so beautiful! Love your dress:)
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  5. Amazing clicks.... :D