Varanasi revisited...

by - 10/26/2015

Every trip to Varanasi deserves a post. This city has so much to offer. Every time I go there, I discover something new. No wonder this oldest living city in the world has one of the maximum international footfalls in India every year. This time too I discovered a number of places which I hadn't been before.

boats...the symbol of varanasi ghats..

Our excursion started with Janakpur, the birthplace of Sita. As I professed my apprehension of bike riding here, I realised with every pillion ride that they are actually very comfortable!! Not in the terms of seating of course but parking and slipping through narrow lanes are a cakewalk!! Anyways that does not mean that I am going to give up my love for convertibles and sedans!!

Then we crossed the Ganga on our bike and stopped at Rajghat. This place is preserved by the Archeological site of India and contains the ruins of centuries back. Right now there is the tomb of Lal Khan which overlooks the river ganga. Its manicured lawns overlooking the Ganga provide a really pretty site.

Our next stop was the Krishnamoorthy of the richest trusts. Since it is a private property, photography was not allowed. After that we went through the market, shopped for a while and had gol gappe!

A trip to Varanasi is incomplete without a visit to the Ghats. There are more than a hundred and I have been to all of them! We stopped at Dashashwamegh Ghat and remained stationed there as we were running out of time. The sky was overcast and it could rain any moment. Moreover it was already afternoon and we had our train back to Delhi in the evening. So we took no more chances and came back home. For the post on rest of the ghats, I will have to wait for my next trip to this amazing city!

Janakpur...the birthplace of Sita..

At the Raj ghat..
With the bridge of raj Ghat and the river ganga in the background....

ship wrecked!!

an interesting temple door...

encroached a priest's seat...

fluttering flags...
mouth watering gol gappe!!

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  1. Amazing images you both look great.

  2. Super fun location and those bright pants look amazing!

  3. I've never tried gol gappe, but it looks so delicious!♥

  4. WOW...i love the pictures...n u look so gorgeous.
    U shud do a post on how u lost ur pregnancy weight. u look fitter than ever.


  5. @aditi So-Saree i guess its because I have taken her lost weight.... I was never as fatty as what I am now :(

  6. Beautiful trave!
    Don't Call Me Fashion blogger