Dance is the soul of life

by - 10/21/2015

Have you ever wondered what life would be without any music? No chirping of birds, no rippling of water, no sound of rain. Life would be dead! And what would be music without some foot tapping or body shaking? Yes! I am talking about dance!

Tapping to the steps of Bharatnatyam....

 Music and dance are complimentary to each other. Without dance life would be dull and lifeless. Dance is the soul of life. It is how we express ourselves. However in order to unleash our soul from within we need to know more about dancing. There have been a dearth of sources of information pertaining to this form of art. But recently I came across a wonderful website that offers even minutest details of almost every form of dance. It is one of the first online platforms for dancers, choreographers, dance parents and all dance enthusiasts.


The dance bible has various sections dedicated to dance. There is a dance zone section which has different categories. Dance styles, dance anatomy, dance videos and audios, interviews, dance quotes, memes, biographies, dance diaries, dance events and dance forum. While you can learn a lot about different forms of dance in the Dance style section (ranging from ballet to Bharatnatyam) you can get inspired from dance stalwarts like Shobhana Narayan in the interview section.

The two main unique features of this website are the dance forum and the portfolio section. Under portfolio a dancer can create his own dance story and also share his dance videos with the world. In the dance forum section you can communicate with like minded dance enthusiasts! You can put up any question related to dance and ask anything! It is kind of social networking in the field of dance!

The dance event section would tell you about all is happening in your city. Earlier there used to be lot of dance functions but enthusiasts were unable to enjoy them because of the lack of information. Now you can plan in advance as to whether you want to enjoy the upcoming Odishi performance or the contemporary one or both!

The dance diaries is a beautiful section where people have shared their dance stories. From meeting their first love during dancing to sharing anecdotes about dance, people like me have a great time reading those. Again for literature lovers, the dance quotes section is pretty impressive. From the quotes of dance biggies like Michael Jackson to Martha Graham, it inspires awe in me. Being a dancer myself, I am really inspired by all these stalwarts.

 Last but not the least you can learn from others in the dance audio and video section! So what are you waiting for? Get your ghunghroos or ballet flats or any other prop which you like and start tapping! Check out The Dance and their beautiful Facebook page. Spread the joy of dance! 

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  1. It's True, dance is soul of Life!

  2. I love to dance Mandira. I will check out the website. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thursday!

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