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by - 10/13/2015

I have been often told by my friends that I don't give enough place to my husband on the blog. Well the reason being he has his own blog and secondly he is more of a person behind my blog. Since it was his birthday and I don't have enough pictures of the celebration to come up with a post, I decided to dedicate this one. This post is for his love for cricket.

Posing with the bat...

I know that the title of the post sounds pretty glamorous but it is not so in reality. Cricket is the biggest thing in our country and being married to a cricketer is even bigger! I have always loved being married to a powerful man. Though I am a hard core feminist, but there is no harm in handing over the authority to my man every now and then. I am writing this post quite late (as I did not get time) and this day points to a few months ago during spring. What had irked me the most post marriage became the reason for immense pride that day!

A cricketer WAG

I have been following the game of cricket since 1996, when I was a kid. That makes around 20 years of watching cricket till today. However after I got married, this game became my number one enemy. My husband is obsessed with cricket and I found cricket taking my position after he came back home from the hospital. So slowly I developed an immense aversion towards it.

Husband was right in his place. He used to explain that the way fashion is for me, cricket is for him. He had been a pro cricketer in his adolescence, before his entire time and energy had been taken up by his medical commitments. In fact he was even in the under 19 team of Uttar Pradesh. After a severe ligament injury in his 3 rd year of medicine, he was unable to play further. So he was unable to continue his passion professionally. He continued with coaching the neighborhood kids and playing pastime cricket.

Few months back his hospital announced to host the Max Cricket Premier League. There were supposed to be 4 teams and he was overjoyed. Four teams were formed: Dragons, Kings, Emperors and Warriors. He was in the Dragons team. The head doctor of his department was the captain and he the vice captain. For a good fifteen days, he was meticulously building the team, training them and spending long hours on the ground after work. I completely supported him as I knew how much cricket means to him.

Then the big day came. I was super excited. I would be watching him play on the ground for the first time! The event was supposed to place in the Chilla Sports Complex, where I had never been before. I had every reason to be excited and nervous!

Unfortunately the team against the Dragons was very strong and they were defeated badly. In fact that team went to win the League! I had mixed feelings. I am a very competitive person by nature and cannot handle defeat very gracefully. However I had numerous reasons to be happy. I saw him playing on the ground for the first time. He was the highest scorer of his team and he also took wickets! Also I got to roam around the entire Chilla Ground Complex which I could not have done without its membership! After the match we had snacks and I romped around and enjoyed being the wife of a cricketer. Short and sweet glamour!

My man doing net practice

The Dragons team

He shot a boundary on this ball

Cute and colourful seats

Spring Flowers

Leggings: Forever21
Purse: Shoppers Stop
Shirt Bar III
Top: Uni Style Image

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  1. Beautiful pictures! You both look so cute! I lived in India for 5 years but I never saw a cricket game, we Italians are more into soccer:)

  2. never seen a cricket game before, looks funny! Love your look as well!





  3. Beautiful pics, so full of colors! I never see cricket game!


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