What is your favourite computer game?

by - 6/30/2022

If you are a 90's kid, then you must have fond memories of computer games. Those days when the Joystick of the television had been taken over by the mouse and keyboard. Ain't it? My father gifted me a Compaq computer which was installed with Windows 98. And it came preloaded with four games: Solitaire, Freecell, Hearts and Minesweeper. So three out of four were card games and that's how my obsession with card games began. I started with Solitaire (found it the easiest; I was really young) and then moved over to Free cell and Hearts gradually. With time, I mastered the game of Hearts and started beating good opponents (online games) but it was Solitaire which still remained my comfort game. Whether feeling low or high, bored or simply blah, I used to play Solitaire for hours. This is way before I got into medical college and career and life took over my passions of pastime.

Fast forward, there are millions of games available today; especially online. Believe me, I don't at all feel the temptation to play them. Most of them require downloading the app, and if you are anyone like me, you will refrain from overloading your phone further. Also, if I play online, too many ADs bombard the page, rendering you confused and irritated. Hence, I could not find what I was looking for. Clean online games like good old times; before I came across solitaire.org

What attracted me was its name. I clicked it planning to play my favourite good old Solitaire, but it turned out to be more than that! And the best part? It's free! From various Card games to Logic games, Word games to hidden object ones, you are spoilt for choice. What tempted me as a Solitaire game, turned out to be a Pandora's box for me.

Even the Solitaire game has varieties like Classic, Klondlike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid etc. Among the various Card games, some are Blackjack, Jim Rummy, Hearts, Crazy Eights, Spite and Malice, etc. It means, if you are more in to the addictive types, this site has you covered. Remember Tetris? Did you like it? You can play Tetra games here !

However it were the intellectual games that got me hooked. Of course, you can take the person out of the academy but can you take out the academician out of the person? I guess nope!

I started with Crossword puzzles. There is one puzzle daily which is printable. Of course, I have become rusty (don't remember the last time I solved one on a newspaper or magazine) that's why time was running by. And PS, I didn't cheat. With google the very next page, I could have easily typed my way into victory, but I did not!

Next what got me going was Worduku. Yes. it's dear Sudoku's cousin! The Word games are my jam. From Word Scramble to Letter Logic, Word Search to Crossword, I love them all.

Well there are so many other logic games like dear old Chess, Sudoku, Tetra Blocks, Sokoban, Battleships etc While if you want to jump into the fantasy land, then games like Candy Fiesta, Candy House, Treasure Atlantis, etc are for you. The graphics of these games as well as the background scores are top notch. 

So guys, if you slightly relate with me (using computers to play, likes free games, no app download, etc) then what are you waiting for? Go visit Solitaire.org and thank me later. PS let me know your favourite game in the comments section!

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  1. My favourite game is Hearts! Quite a master at it!

  2. I need to check out Worduku. I love word games.

  3. I only love and play word games. And I'm currently playing Wordle and Scrabble Go. And antiwordle! I just got have that interest for any other game though I've played solitaire and all some times...

  4. I've never played a computer game for myself, but I have helped my child with workodu. You've mentioned some fantastic options for gamers.

  5. Solitaire.Org seems to have a nice range of computer games. I think playing a game or two harmless computer games in between work is a good way to de-stress. Sandy N Vyjay

  6. You may want to try Mind Block. Kids these days are playing this a lot. And they tend to get so excited about it. Although card games are perhaps still the most popular. I personally love Scrabble

  7. Truly Solitaire is the only computer hame I play. My interest in computer and video games is limited and its only solitaire that can get me glued to the screen.

  8. Card games always interested me from childhood as it can be played with smaller and larger groups. My favourite card game is Bluff.

  9. I have always loved playing card games offline or on my computer, be it free cell, solitaire or spider. Good to see my favorites in your list here.

  10. I use to love playing solitaire and word games. And later on sudoku. The best you can have.