3 most favourite things to do on the internet (that does not include video or social media)

by - 12/04/2021

 The internet...is it a boon or bane? Whatever your pick maybe, one thing is for sure, we won't be able to survive for even a single second without it! For some it is livelihood, for some it is education  while for some it's entertainment that they can't do without! The web is literally a Black Hole. Do you agree with me? I bet you do! We literally get sucked into it or worse, we are spinning inside the vortex every single minute of our everyday! The arrival and abuse of smartphones have worsened this situation, we have connectivity for every breathable second of our lives.

While we may look for digital detox from time to time, it's the greatest platform for stress busting too. Whether it's a movie on an OTT platform or listening to music, playing games with strangers to live streaming concerts, our lives would literally come to a standstill if we don't have access to the internet. While I try to refrain from too much screen time (as my job revolves staring at the screen all day long; life of a digital content creator), I have harnessed the web in a very productive way. I limit my tapping activities on my phone to certain hours and pick up my laptop whenever I have to do something productive. The laptop has a bigger screen and hence friendlier for my eyes. So here my three favourite things that I love to that do not involve any videos or movies or social media.

1. Read magazines. It's been quite a long time that I have stopped buying magazines. However that does not mean that I don't need my daily dose of fashion and decor inspiration right? I never read on a tablet or phone because I love the pictures to be big! Reading is one of the most productive things that you can do on the web and yet it's such a stressbuster!

2. Play online games. I am sure many of you love and do play games. While paying on the phone is convenient, doing it on a computer gives more power for navigation. Not to mention downloading too many will eat up the storage of your phone. So I had been looking for a place that could provide me numerous gaming options without having to download them because, let's face it, computer/phone real estate is priceless! And also I didn't want to pay for the premium versions. After a lot of research (I am doing the hard work for you), I found a site that checked all boxes: plays.org

And guess what? I just got addicted! It has everything that I wanted. From providing free online video games (that does not require app download) to myriads of varieties, from excellent interface to a seamless gaming experience, me and my daughter are hooked! Shh! I only let her play only her type of games (which are actually many). Our favourite game forever has to be Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. If you are aware with Barbie and her friends, then this is going to be an ultimate adventure. The characters of this game are Barbie (of course), her friends Renee and Nikki and her little sister Chelsea. I loved the badminton one in which it's Game, Set, Match with Barbie and Renee. The interface is so pretty that you feel that you are indeed a part of the show!

The other game is horseback riding with Nikki and Hide and Seek with Chelsea. If you are a fan of the show, then you must be familiar with Honey, Chelsea's pup. The Hide and Seek consists of Chelsea and Honey. This game is perfect for young girls but if you are a Barbie fan like me, you are bound to fall in love with this one.

Another game that we both mommy daughter love is the LEGO game. There are many LEGO games, but 

LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect City Simulation Game is our favourite. We keep building with Lego pieces all the time and this game is an excellent simulation of building a city. You place the structures, dig stuff, unravel money and use that money to make more structures. Really a great constructive game.

Other LEGO games are Batman Gotham City Speed Game, LEGO Star Wars Battle, Out of step, Stacky Stack LEGO Brick, and so on. If you have that constructive bone in your body, these are for you.

Of course that goes without saying that the categories of games available are endless. From the traditional arcade games to classical Solitare, Poker games to Board Games, you can literally find any game that you are looking for. Some Chess games can be played with your friends, while others need to be played with the computer. 

The categories are really innovative as there is a Food section. Yes, food! My favourite has to be the Allen's Pizzeria for Kids game, I love food, I love pizza and I love cooking. What more can I ask for!
There are various Football games to Fooseball , Christmas games to Frozen, Golf to gumball and every possible category you can probably imagine.

I have always preferred the web versions over playing on mobile phone because of a number of reasons. The bigger screen gives way more enjoyment and it is more comfortable on our eyesight too, don't you think? Also the keys are easier to navigate on a computer. Anyways guys, I suggest you check this out and you are bound to be hooked! A remedy for boredom, depression and removing the writer's block.

Well enough said about gaming. Now let me elaborate my 3rd favourite activity.

3. Blogging. I am a professional blogger now but this wasn't the case 8 years back when I started. My blog was (and still is) my life's online journal and it's a wonderful way to keep a log of your life. If you don't want to share with the world, keep it private. Journaling has numerous therapeutic effects and an online blog is the best way to keep a record of your memories along with the pictures; in this digital age.

So guys, there go the three productive ways how I use the web for my benefit. I would like to take your opinion now. Tell me a few things that does not involve any form of video watching or social media or money transaction. The web is a boon indeed; ain't so?

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  1. I would love to play Lego games! Thanks for introducing to this site!

  2. I'm a big fan of simulator games. I often play online games in my off-time. It really entertains me a lot.
    Thank you for introducing plays.org to us. I'll definitely go through the site and play my kind of games.

  3. There is a wealth of things to do on the internet apart from movies and videos. It is a rich source of knowledge, there are so many online books and magazines and of course there are a plethora of games. Sandy N Vyjay

  4. What you can do online is almost limitless. The Internet allows you to quickly find information and communicate with people all over the world. I've never played any games online. I love reading articles and other informative posts.

  5. Blogging yes and games... Thats why I most have net on my phone. I used to be social media addict but now I'm over worked so whatever free time I get I either binge shows or read or play games.

  6. Yes there are many things that can be done online apart from social media. Would agree that blogging and playing games is on top list too. I also read books on laptop, easy to read.

  7. Blogging is also my favourite things to do. And yes, once a while, I also play online games. I am not so much of an online reader (still very old school when it comes to reading!)

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