Book Review: Tijara's Mystery Codes

by - 6/05/2022


Title: Tijara's Mystery Codes

Author: Hemma Myers Sood

Genre: Thriller, Mythology, Fiction

Pages: 277

Review: This story is set in the premises of the grand palace of Tijara Fort, Alwar. Right now the Tijara Fort Palace is a luxury hotel which sits in the lap of Aravallis in Neemrana. It's a stunning work of architectural, and the writer has set the story so vividly here that you can actually feel living through those times.

The story starts with the story of King Pandu and how he angers the Rishi when King Pandu kills him when he was making love. As a result, King Pandu got cursed that whenever he would get aroused, it would be his moment of death. As a result, he was made to drink Amrit to remain immortal, but as one day he just loses his control and gets involved with his wife, he perishes. Queen Madri offers herself on Sati in his memory and burns to death.

There began the history and mystery of Amrit or the nectar. The Amrit definitely had maintained the health of Pandu, too bad it couldn't save him from the curse.

The story then moves to the current scenario and ruler of the Tijara Fort. Seems someone had discovered the much sought after formula of the Amrit. And guess what, a doctor is murdered in the Tijara Fort premises.

An investigation is started to find out the murderer, and for that, a super competent detective from Delhi , Siddharth is sent. He had solved a huge number of cases so far but used offbeat clues for the same and relied heavily on intuition and omens. This makes the solving of the mystery even more exciting.

The story again moves to the most turning point of Mahabharata, when the Pandavas had completed exile and the Kauravas were trying to deceive them again.

This murder mystery moves in the most unexpected ways, with references from the Mahabharata and other historical anecdotes in between and finally presents a very justified ending.

I loved how detailed Syd's observations were, and how he reached conclusions. Also the description of Tijara Fort is par excellence. I personally love this palace and had been reminiscing my stay while reading the book, as if I was actually there with Syd.

If you are a fan of murder mysteries, with a twist of Mythology, then this book is a must read for you.

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