Extensive and honest Review of Curlvana’s Curl Care Products

by - 6/06/2022

Call it a good habit or bad, but I don’t give up on things very easily. From solving that pesky math questions after innumerable trials and errors to working on relationships that have gone sour, I like to keep trying until the problem is fixed. I apply the same notion to my hair. I have been blessed with thick, voluminous but supremely frizzy curly hair and the humid Indian weather doesn’t help the cause. Over the years I was looking for a solution to tackle the frizz and in the process tried plenty of hair care ranges formulated for
Indian curly hair, which claimed to moisturize dry hair. While some worked, most of them did not. However, I am happy to report that I have finally found a solution for managing my frizzy, curly hair and I am about to reveal it. Drumrolls, please…

A new brand that has come up with specialized products for Indian curly hair. Luckily the range has been working wonders to define and refine my curls. It's a fairly new brand named Curlvana and they have a total of 5 curl care products formulated to banish frizz from curly hair. 

If you’ve noticed, curls remain intact and have great bounce during the winters; it is the summers that causes dryness to curly hair. This is because the humidity in the air causes dry hair swell up and absorb environmental moisture. Those of you who are aware of the Curly Girl Method might be aware that curly hair needs a lot of hydration and therefore, products containing sulfates, silicones, and other harsh chemicals are an absolute no-go. 

Curlvana’s entire range is made of ultra-hydrating and nourishing ingredients like Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Fermented Rice Water Extract. It is a cruelty-free brand that is dermatologically approved and CG-friendly. The products are formulated to suit wavy, curly and coiled hair. Curlvana has the ideal curly hair routine that has helped me rejuvenate my tresses, which is why I wanted to pen down my honest Curlvana Products review. 

The Curlvana Ultimate Kit Review

Thankfully there are quite a few CG-friendly brands in India, and Curlvana is one of them. Back in the day, there were hardly any products dedicated to curly hair, which is why we had to make do with whatever was available in the market. Lucky for us the tables have turned and the emergence of CG-approved brands in India is a welcome change. 

The Curlvana range claims to reduce frizz in all weather conditions because they have no glycerine in their formula. Glycerine which is a moisturizing agent on the skin works adversely on the hair by attracting environmental moisture, and that is the prime cause of frizz. 

I used Curlvana products for about 5 weeks and have made up my mind about them:  

Shampoo: Curlvana’s Fortifying Curl Cleanse is their gentle shampoo that clears scalp buildup and dirt without drying the hair shaft. It contains gentle surfactants which don’t dry out the hair but clean it thoroughly nonetheless. It contains plant protein that works on all different hair porosity levels and strengthens the hair. Since I have very thick hair, it tends to get entangled and breaks while combing. After using this shampoo I noticed less hair on my comb, which is proof that this product does what it claims. 

Conditioner: Next in line is Curlvana’s Curl shine gentle conditioner. It is a very nice lightweight product that has a lot of slip allowing me to finger-comb my hair and get rid of tangles. It coats each hair nicely and adds ample shine, but the best part is, that it doesn’t weigh down my hair. The other CG-friendly conditioners in the market make my hair look flat, but this one adds lots of bounce and volume. 

Leave-In conditioner: A leave-in conditioner is an absolute must when it comes to styling curly hair. It helps to add definition while holding the curls for longer. I apply it to damp hair and then scrunch my hair to form the curls, then I finger coil my bangs so that they hold shape for long. Curlvana’s leave-in conditioner is light and spreads easily without making my hair sticky. It provides a soft hold and helps in eliminating frizz. I think it is one of the star products from this line. 

Hair Gel: Flaxseed is known to be excellent for curly hair and that is the prime ingredient in Curlvana’s curl-defining styling gel. Gelling the hair can make or break your whole look, therefore, selecting the right product is imperative. My suggestion would be to opt for a light, silky gel that doesn’t leave a crunchy cast behind. The hair gel by Curlvana is not too thick and not too watery, it spreads easily on wet hair and adds a lot of shine and bounce. It also helps reduce frizz on second and third daya after hair wash. 

Hair Mask: Curly hair needs all the hydration in the world, so a mask is crucial in maintaining it. Curlvana’s Deep Nourish Double Cream hair mask is godsent for dry, frizzy curly hair. It has a rich but lightweight consistency, that applies and spreads easily. I notice little to no frizz every time I use this product and my hair feels absolutely amazing. This mask should be a part of every Indian curly hair routine because it smoothens the curls like no other. 

My take on Curlvana products 

If you are looking for CG-approved products in India, then Curlvana is going to be your best bet. The range has everything that you need. Plus, it makes sense to use an Indian curly hair routine from the same line as the products work in conjunction with each other and provide desired results. I think Curlvana is a very promising brand and I appreciate their effort in putting so much effort into formulating such a great line. I would give them a big thumbs up and would highly recommend all their products to anyone who is looking for Indian curly hair products. 


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  1. Looking great your hair rock awesome product and amazing location you are chilling.

  2. Sharing these products with all my curly haired friends!

  3. I have curly hair too but I never knew that there are special products for curly hair. My hair is always weird. It is sometimes unmanageable and sometimes totally limp. I am definitely going to try Curlvana products especially the conditioner.

  4. I recently came to know about this brand & your review has help us to know about the products & the brand.

    Will try them soon. Also I like the packaging.

  5. I am using this range too and loving it. My favourite is the leave in cream and styling gel.

  6. My hair has slight wave, would love to try out this range. loving the vibrant packaging

  7. I have straight hair but my friend has curly hair and because she is a traveller that's why she needs more care for her hair. Forwarding this product review to her if she wants to purchase

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