Easy ways to change your hairstyle

by - 12/08/2022

 We all have been there. Feeling blah about our appearance from time to time. It's very natural and human to feel so and this becomes even more prominent around the holiday season. While a change in makeup routine and adding colours to your wardrobe might give you a lift, it's rather short lived. One of the best ways to amp your look is to change the way how you do your hair. If you are a curly haired girl, straighten your hair and vice versa! Also a dash of colour changes the face like no other. However the long term effects may be damaging and you might not opt for them; if you too sceptical like me! So here I have curated a small list of all the ways you can change your hairstyle, without damaging your actual hair!

1. Try beading your hair with colours. As I said before, if you are too sceptical of doing something permanent, then this is a great way to elevate your look. Try weaving coloured braids into your hair. It instantly lifts up the face. The more the braids, drastic is the effect!

2. Try a good wig. I can't sing gaga over over this enough. Instant way to go from long to short or from shoulder length to long hair! Go from crinkled curly hair to razor straight or from beachy waves to well defined curls in no time!

I love how these looks are easy to achieve and maintain. Always go for a good brand. I personally have found Nadula really great as they offer such great variety. It's super easy to play with colours too!

Their wigs are beginner friendly and you can choose the density of the hair you want. Choosing the correct density is important because you don't want to look artificial. If you have already thick mane, go for lesser density.

3. Change your parting. It's always an easy way to elevate how you look. I love doing it from time to time.

4. Simple tricks like putting your hair inside the collar of your coat can change the way how you look; especially in photographs. If you have longer hair, this trick gives the illusion of a short bob.

5. Accessorise. Never underestimate the power of accessories! A jewelled headband would make you feel like a queen! Be it hair clips or cute elastics, they go a long way!

6. Change the way how you do your hair. If you are a ponytail girl, make your pony on top of your head. It will change the look. If you are fond of making buns, go for the top knot. Also don't forget the power of headgears...bandana, scarves, hats and berets! Bring them on board!

Girls which of these is your favourite? Add on more tips in the comments below!

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