8 lessons from my 8 year old

by - 7/07/2022

 So I have become a pro in procastination. But a job well started is half done, right? My first born's birthday falls in the first half of March, we celebrate usually during the last weekend (since the final exams fall during her actual birthday.) And the first week of July is over too. I earlier thought of documenting her birthday for the ocassion of Mother's Day, as it's her who made me one! But seems I missed that deadline too. So here we are, in the middle of July, trying to hurriedly document one of the most precious days of the year.

So this post is a continuation of what I wrote in January, regarding the third birthday of my little one; that 'The child is the father of the man'. 

Relationship lessons from my three year old

If you are a parent, or even have nieces and nephews, you very well can understand what I mean here. Children teach us something all the freaking time and we should always keep our eyes and ears open and try and imbibe these unprovoked, genuine lessons. Ever since I became a mom in 2014, my daughter has been teaching me something or the other. So are the 8 most valuable lessons that she has taught me over these 8 years.

1. Being non judgmental: I feel that this is the foremost quality which we adults need to imbibe. We all judge. If you are an SATC fan, then this would ring with you more (Stanley to Carrie). However kids are absolutely non judgmental. They just don't care whether the bed is made or not, the dress is flashy or not, gift is expensive or not or the person talking to you is haughty and vain! 

Scrolling all the time makes me judge (just a little bit) but I have really been trying to become 100% non judgmental like my daughter.

2. Keen observer: Well when you are a medico, you need to be a keen observer. That's one basic pre requisite for this profession. The moment a patient walks into your chamber, you should be able the diagnose the ailment. While I am a pretty good observer myself, my first born is on another level!

Her tendency to note minute details often throws me off but also is a good reminder that I need to be more present, in order to be a better professional.

3. Forever Forgiving: This is kind of an extension of the first virtue because when you are non judgmental, you won't commit. Being forgiving is damn important; not for the other person but for the sake of your own self. Over the years I have held grudge for a few people in my life but my daughter is a forever reminder that I need to let it go. 

No matter how rudely I behave with her (I know, I am ashamed of myself but kids sometimes need scolding and yelling for discipline and studies), she is loving like before after a few minutes! She has never held a grudge against me all through these years. I should not take this for granted but again, we all should learn to forgive.

4. Full of energy: Kids are definitely an excellent example of endless energy. How come they never get exhausted? They can play in the park all the morning and then spend the entire evening dancing at a party. Even if she can transfer 1% of her bottomless energy, I can rule the world!

5. Innocence: A person who is purely non judgmental and fully forgiving, is the epitome of innocence. While we adults have sinned way too much to be innocent, we can at least free our minds and hearts of malice and wrath and grudges.

6. Eternal Optimism: Kids always have the best dreams and think about all things sweet because they have not seen the uglier side of this world. While their lives are fully protected inside this bubble (it's our responsibility to maintain that bubble), they view everything with a positive attitude.

While being practical is a necessity, this is often taken over by pessimism. There are bad people out there who can harm you, true, but we adults need to remind ourselves that the world is a beautiful place to live in nonetheless.

7. Gullibility: For us seasoned adults, this trait maybe looked upon as a negative, but believe me, it's good to be gullible. Of course I am not talking in a malicious world where you are surrounded by corrupt people because then, you are doomed. But when it's your own circle, it's nice to think and believe that what the others are saying it is for your good.

Kids can be convinced in the easiest manner because their hearts are pure and innocent. Otherwise how much tougher would our lives have been?

8. Generosity: Kids are known to keep their belonging to themselves, reluctant to share. However they are also generous. Basically it's the gullibility trait that makes them so. You say a few nice words, they are convinced and ready to listen to you and ready to part with their most precious possession. We adults, tend to evaluate the pros and cons in everything and that makes everything so complicated. 

Mohi and me doing Karaoke (Roar)

How about we ditch all the complexities and try to lead a fuss free life, like that of a child? It would so relaxing on our souls, ain't it?

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The days are long but the years are short. We moms and Dads know this. But if you are thinking of becoming one, remember, no day is easy. However at the end of all those gruelling hours, you will be immensely proud and satisfied. Eight years passed in a jiffy. I have struggled from the beginning and trying everyday. But I am amazed looking at this 'not so tiny anymore' human everyday. A Frozen themed birthday party for my Elsa. I know I am usually very strict on you, but I love you from the bottom of my heart, my dear Mohi.

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  1. As you have mentioned, the child is indeed the father of the man, in more sense than one. There is so much to learn from children, they come with no prejudices and are so transparent. Sandy N Vyjay

  2. Every day is a new experience and adventure full of learning and discovery with kids. Very well articulated post.
    We have begun to recognize some of the distinctive characteristics and abilities of young children as a result of COVID-19 forcing millions of families into the confines of their own homes.

  3. At the first instance I would like to congratulate you for keeping such an open mind about learning from children. Many people would cringe at the idea. Reading the full post I am rooting for the point about energy. Children are such a storehouse of energy and life force. Looking at them around me I feel inspired at times.

  4. We learn so much from kids. So many things to learn, especially the once that we had forgotten with time.

  5. You have learnt many wonderful lessons,but I'm fairly sure it is more a reminder of your own nature. Kids while teaching also are a reflection of who we are,so everything you are learning from her,in many ways you have taught her through example :)