3 relationship lessons from my 3 year old

by - 2/02/2022


The child is the father of man  and for the first time in my life, I am beginning to fully understand the meaning of this phrase.

 Just like that, my little one turned three and thought of sharing the invaluable life lessons that I learnt from her so far. Motherhood hasn't been the same for the past two years (only moms would get me) and it's bittersweet that we moms got to savour each and every moment (the good, bad and ugly) without any break. Motherhood for me has been absolutely different for both my princesses. I was naive and immature and working full time at a clinic with my first born. As a result, I haven't been able to observe every detail and have found her to be difficult right from her birth. While for my younger one, I have been present full time with her to watch her every single step. And in this process, I have learnt 3 priceless relationship lessons that would apply to all.

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1. The mighty power of a smile

My little one flashes a Cheshire smile in the unlikeliest of circumstances. Like when she has spilled a glass of water and I am ready to roast her with my eyes. She smiles not to deny her fault, but to calm me down. 

Whenever there is a tense environment at home, she flaunts a big smile and that absolutely diffuses the situation. I guess if we adapt this in real life, then it may become a solution to so many problems.

2. Hug without any reason

There isn't any tiff in this world that a hug /physical touch/ caressing can't solve. Whether it's between siblings or partners, mother child or friends, a hug can solve anything. At least for soft hearted people like me. This tiny bug of mine loves to hug without absolutely any reason. She would just stop by the kitchen when I am cooking and say Mama i want to hug you. Similar behaviour with her Dad and her grandparents, she would run to them and give a tight hug, without any provocation. And don't even get me started about her dedication towards her elder sister. She runs to her and hugs her whenever she's sad and had been doing that even when she was in the crawling stage. She simply understands that her Didi is unhappy.

3. Be kind always

Fallout with my elder one is a daily affair in our household. She troubles me so much that I am clueless how I am going to handle her when she would be a teenager. As a result, there is a lot of yelling (from my side) and crying and screaming (my daughter's side) . Everytime this happens, my little one comes to me and asks me not to scold her Didi. I am a strict mom and a type A personality so I may be a little harsh on my elder one. The moment my little one warns me to tone down, it immediately acts as a reality check on me. She is just 7 and I should not expect her to study and behave the way I want to. My little one is a constant reminder to be a kind person.

This year too, the birthday celebrations were restricted just to the family. We had a jungle theme party and I cooked up a storm. With no househelp for the past two years, I may have become a little lethargic and out of energy these days and the condition is getting worse day by day. Let's just hope that everything becomes normal soon.

I am definitely lucky to have this little bug who lights up my life every single moment of my day. I am continuously learning from her even though she just turned three. 

What have you learnt from kids (own or others)? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. We always learn from our kids. They seem little but their give priceless lesson like forgiveness, friendly with everyone ,no ego,happy without reason.

  2. We always keep learning. And kids teach us a lot. These lessons melted my heart.

  3. Such lovely photos & the decorations.

    Parent learn from their kids & am glad u r doing it instead of ignoring.

    Bless ur family.

  4. This is a beautiful post, Mandira. Having known you and Dr Sahib for so long, I can't believe your daughters are growing up so fast. God bless both of them! It was lovely to see the extended family as well. Please give my regards to everyone.

  5. Indeed children have so much to teach us. From forgiveness to their random hugs, they make life so simple and easy....