4 Ways To Prepare For Your First Camping Trip

by - 7/23/2022


When you’re young, camping might seem like something that only old people do. You might think that as soon as you’re old enough to have your own house and a car big enough to take on a road trip, you won’t need to rough it in the great outdoors anymore. The truth is, though, that there are plenty of reasons why camping is best when you’re still young. If you find yourself thinking that camping is just not for the young, then read on to learn why you should reconsider! It doesn’t matter if you are living in a city or in the country; everyone needs some time under the open sky every so often. 


Credit: Xue Guangjian/ Pexels


Learn about the great outdoors

One of the biggest benefits of camping is that it’s a great way to learn more about the natural landscape of the country you’re staying in. If you’re used to living in a city or suburbs, you might not get to appreciate the natural world around you as much as you would like. If you love animals, camping is a great way to see them up close and personal. You can go on wildlife walks during the day and even see nocturnal animals if you stay up late enough. You can also learn about flora and fauna if you engage in some bushcraft activities, such as making your own natural-based products. If you want to get even closer to nature, you can try wild camping, where you don’t even have a tent. 


You should also buy the appropriate camping equipment for your trip; otherwise, you will struggle to do the basics of cooking your food, boiling water, and staying warm if it gets cold. If you do not have any camping equipment, you could look online at EcoGearFX.com which can stock you up with everything you need.


Explore your environment

If you’ve always lived in the city, you might not know much about the natural environment of your country. This is often true even if you live in the countryside, since you might be surrounded by cultivated fields. Camping is a great way to get out in the open air and learn more about the landscapes around you. You can go hiking and explore nearby trails that might not be accessible by car or by foot. You can also observe the landscape and look for any interesting plants or animals. If your camping location is near a body of water such as a lake, then you can learn more about the types of fish and other aquatic creatures that are native to that area. You can also sit on the shore and gaze out at the stars if there are no lights nearby.


Fresh air and exercise

If you spend most of your time in the city, then you probably don’t get enough fresh air. This can lead to health complications in the future and make you feel bad about yourself and your surroundings. One great thing about camping is that you’re out in the open for most of the time. You can go for long walks, take part in bushcraft activities, and even go hiking if you’re in a place that’s safe enough. You can also go on some simple exercises such as running and jumping jacks to get your blood pumping and feel more energetic. 


Credit: Mac DeStroir/ Pexels



Meet new people and build new relationships

Camping can be a great way to meet new people. You can go with a group of friends or even with your family. You can even make new friends at nearby campsites. If you go with a group of friends, you can bond with them even more and make new memories that will last you a lifetime. You can also use the opportunity to help people get to know each other better and break the ice if they’re shy or if there is any tension between certain people.



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  1. The biggest reason for camping for us has to be the fact that it brings you close to nature. Sleeping beneath the stars and waking up to the sounds of nature is always an unbeatable experience. Sandy N Vyjay.

  2. For me reason one is nature. Reason two is perhaps challenging myself. I am pretty used to comforts of life and I feel good to realize that I'm made of stronger stuff when I go for camping. I always carry a mosquito repellent though.

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  5. Camping is always great fun.It holds the promise of adventure, and also helps one come close to nature and its beauty.

  6. I've nvr been camping. It's still on my bucket list. Your points are of great help. Being in nature does have its own effect which helps us connect even with ourselves.

  7. I concur with all the points. You get fresh air, feel rejuvenated & closer to nature.

    The feeling is surreal & becomes a lifelong cherished memories.

  8. Camping has been on my bucket list for long. Im planning to once my kids are old enough. The feel that you are close to nature and the experience that you gift hour family is truly priceless.

  9. I love camping, but since 2020 I've not gone anywhere for camping. However, I completely agree with all your points of camping.

  10. Your post is perfect for me to take a plunge and start camping with family. You are right one get to know so much about nature through camping.

  11. I am a fan of camping with family. Recently we did an only girls camping and I so wish we could have read your post earlier. Great post