Winch Camp: Camping under the sky

by - 10/16/2017

In my previous post you have read about the epic trek to Winch Camp. However what happened 8500 feet above the sea level was even more phenomenal than the trek itself. Its a tiny plateau like area with mainly three levels: the lowest one had our tents, the middle and the narrowest one had the washroom and the topmost level had the railway track running as well as the kitchen. It was our main area for hanging around.
winch camp, joginder nagar, himachal

The railway track started from the there. The very point where the track started dropping below was the most picturesque part of the place. It gave an infinity view. To our good fortune a herd of horses were grazing there. They provided the perfect prop for an excellent photo op. The rest of the area had old, tumble down railway houses. Those houses imparted an old world charm to the place. I have always been a big fan of houses with sloping roofs and chimneys. I just could not get enough pictures with them!

Winch Camp, Joginder Nagar, Himachal Pradesh
It was raining heavily when we reached. We quickly dumped our luggage in the ‘kitchen house’ area and started warming ourselves in front of the fire. We were wet and cold. Thankfully, within half an hour, we were served hot tea and biscuits. That felt heavenly! When it got dark, we built a bonfire near our tents and then the real fun started. We sang, danced and played guitar. Any nocturnal discussion is incomplete without some supernatural dose. So we eerily poured our hearts with paranormal stuff. Then we had a hearty dinner of piping hot Kadhi chawal and Urad Dal.
Winch Camp, Joginder Nagar, Himachal
The moon was directly above us and it was three days to full moon. Hence the entire place was illuminated by its glow. The constellations were crystal clear and the stars were twinkling all over. I don't remember the last time when I had seen the night sky so much up, close and personal! It was heavenly!
Winch Camp, Joginder Nagar, Himachal
Our morning started pretty early as everyone wanted to see the sunrise. I wish I could too but I was overtly drained from the week long Durga Puja celebration as well as the travelling. I needed to catch up on my sleep! I was up chatting with my fellow trekker friend till three in the morning so witnessing the rising sun was out of question. We were served hot tea immediately after waking up and then we strolled around to absorb all the beauty around us. Our breakfast consisted of hot Maggi and bread jam. We devoured them sitting on the railway tracks; listening to live music. We then sang and danced as if there was no tomorrow! 
We did not want to leave that fantasy world. But finally at around half past eleven, we started our way down. It was goodbye to Winch Camp and hello to golden memories! We all were assigned one trekker each and we finally reached Jimjima village after 4 hours.
What struck me the most about this camping trip (apart from the beauty of Winch Camp) was the dedication of the Trek Tribe group. They are a group of expert trekkers, led by Gaurav and Abhinaye and they took every possible measure to make our trip comfortable. The best part of Trek Tribe is that they are a community and not a travel agency. So they are more like your friend/guardian who can understand you fully. Tired during the hike? They will stop to make you catch your breath. Thirsty? They would provide water from their bottle (they carried every possible thing required during the hike) Unable to carry the backpack? They would carry it for you. Feet slipping? They would hold your hands and help you complete the trek like a breeze! During our descent (which was tougher), we all were assigned one trekker each who held our hand throughout for four hours. Not only we completed the trail in a relatively shorter duration but none of us slipped. Also we were confident that we were in safe hands, continuously. I hope that they start treks to all other unexplored parts of Himachal Pradesh soon so that I can hike with them again! 

Winch Camp, Joginder Nagar

Hiking Pants: Adidas
Shoes: Reebok
Sweatshirt: Levi's
Top: Globus
Sunnies: Forever 21

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  1. Would love to visit the place as its looks like a wonderful place. further your description about the caring organizers makes me feel safe and secured

  2. Such amazing photos, looks like an amazing adventure!

    Anika |

  3. It was more like a family out there.. 😘

  4. Wow.. Nice Blog.. Living pictures. Thanks for your information. Keep writing!!!!!!