The city centre of Dalhousie: Subhash Chowk

by - 9/09/2023


We always prefer to stay in the city centre wherever we travel too. I know, far flung places feel and sound idyllic and relaxing but there are disadvantages too. We are social animals who have a family and has to be constantly in contact with our family. As much as we would like to cut off from the world for a few days, it won't be practically possible. We need public transport, markets and other amenities within an arm's reach. The last time we took a resort away from the madness was in Mauritius. It was in Belle Mare, South Mauritius, away from the hustle bustle of the city. That was our honeymoon and it was the only trip when we cut off from the entire world.

When we were hunting for hotels in Dalhousie, we found many which were gorgeous but bit farther than the centre. We ultimately took one in the heart of Dalhousie, Subhash Chowk and every thing was a stone's throw away.

To start with all the good restaurants were in the vicinity. Then there was this gorgeous cathedral which caught my fancy right from the beginning. There are many stone churches in Dalhousie since it was a British colony. I always have had fascination for stone architectures.
On our last morning we set to explore the churches. My Dad as expected was babysitting our sleeping daughter. We started walking to Gandhi Chowk when a black stray dog started tagging along. Sorry pet lovers but we are not at all fond of dogs or animals rather. I love watching then play and listening to their stories from their owners but proximity to animals is a big no no.

Initially we were scared (mom and me) but kept walking. We reached Gandhi Chowk and had hot tea. But still it did not leave us. It attracted the local dogs whosoever's territory we entered and sometimes the situation went way out of our control. It happened around five times. The local dogs would bark ferociously at him and he would seek shelter besides us. Then when the dogs would go away, he would mark his territorry by peeing. Ohh!
All the photoshoot happened with him staying along with us. I was irritaed, scared and feeling dirty. He had brushed my legs a number of times. I cursed hubs as to why was not he scaring him away?

When we were done with all the church visit and all I was a bit calmer. I realised that maybe we had some connection with him in previous life. I had to feed to him and protect him from other dogs. Whatever now when I think of those three hours with him walking with us, I smile and miss him.
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