Trek To Dainkund Peak, Dalhousie

by - 12/26/2016

With temperatures in Delhi dipping, its finally time to pull out your winter clothes! Who's complaining anyway? Our hands had been itching to pull out all those dresses for winter from the closet. And with winter wonderland on my mind, I recapitulate my best ever winter experience till date. Our trek to the highest peak in Dalhousie, the Dainkund Peak amidst cold and snow.
Our morning started pretty early. Our driver dropped us at the foot of the hill from where the trek started. Even though he tried to deter us from the trek, we were determined. My father was supposed to take care of his grand daughter; me, hubs and my mom were to trek. My father was a bit skeptical of managing our troublemaker solely; but he did not have any other option.
We started climbing the slopes. Initially it was fun but gradually it started getting tough. It was around 1.5 kms one way. But one and half kms on the hills that too on slippery snow and ground is an uphill task. After a while the road became really narrow and was covered with snow. That's when hubs got adamant and he demanded to turn back. He said he was in charge of his MIL and his wife and he was answerable to his FIL. I and and my mom were almost in tears. We had covered almost half of the climb and returning from there was a defeat. Anyways we had to yield to his wishes.
After a sometime of walking back, we met a bunch of people whom we had befriended back in Dalhousie. They were returning after conquering the Dainkund Peak. They were so sweet that they convinced my husband to complete the trek. They said that it was tough, but worth every drop of sweat shed to reach there! My mom and me were elated. Together we all convinced him to complete the trek.

So we again changed our direction. Too bad it was a bit wastage of time climbing again the trodden path. But we enjoyed it nonetheless. We played with snow in between. Hubs did not forget to take pictures of the milestones. It encouraged us to finish the trail quickly.

After one and a half hours, we made to the peak. There was a temple of Pohlani Devi. There were snow capped peaks around. The view was really worth the climb.

The Kailash Mansarovar Peak in the backdrop
After resting and rehydrating ourselves, we made our way back. The sun seemed to play peek a boo. Suddenly the sky got overcast. Now we got really scared. What if it rained? We neither had umbrellas to protect ourselves nor a waterproof bag for our camera. We tried to cover the path as early as possible. It was afternoon. No other soul could be seen anywhere. We were the last ones to be in the mountains. If anything happened to us, the news would not even reach my father. Praying and walking as fast yet safe as we could, we finally covered the entire distance in an hour.
Phew! we were dead tired when we reached. Though climbing to the peak was the biggest prize, but the trek itself was the best adventure we had!
Coming back safely to my daughter!

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  1. indeed a winter wonderland! would love to visit someday!

  2. The trek seems thrilling. Good you people could have a safe trip back. :)
    Wish you a very happy new year!