Wedding Bells

by - 12/22/2016

Lately, all my friends have been getting married. Be it my clollege friends, school mates, colleagues or even fellow bloggers! I am not complaining though. I am getting to wear a lot of ethnic wear!

I was the first person in my group to get married (both in my school and college friend circles). That was almost six years back. I was not even out of college yet! Though I am not complaining about why I got married so early, I definitely feel I would have looked better in my bridal wear if I was more mature. Now I can confidently say that I understand fashion!
For the past few years, wedding industry has seen a boom like never before. I mean it always has been The Big Fat Indian Wedding. But this phrase has gotten a new makeover in the past few years. Now wedding essentials are not only restricted to trousseau and catering. It includes pre and post wedding photoshoots too and a lot of wardrobe and locations along with it. I would have loved to conduct a Pre Wedding shoot and a Bridesmaid shoot. It would have been so much fun! But back in 2011, these were not at all in vogue.
Last week one of my close college friends got married. We had been eagerly waiting for her wedding and it was a kind of our class reunion. Some of us met after years while some after many months. We danced, ate and made merry. I used to think that what's the use to splurge so much on weddings? I had even asked my Dad not to spend so much on my nuptuals. But it was a big, fat ceremony nonetheless. The guests still rave about the food at my wedding. I now understand why we invite so many people in our ceremonies. Its just not two people tying the not. Its the union of two families and their families too. So many expectations are connected with these kind of ceremonies. Also they are the best reunions ever; forever to be cherished.

Now time for some wedding shopping!

 Wedding is the time to embellish your feet! Its not everyday you get to choose such gorgeous wedding accessories for your feet. Find this here.

 Red/ Pinkish toned arm candy for mehandi adorned arms. Find this here.
 Wedding jewelry does not necessarily have to be gawdy. You can opt for a sophisticated emerald piece like this. 
 No matter what kind of wedding outfits you prefer, the bridal trousseau is incomplete without a bright red lehenga!
 Wedding footwear needs to have solid heels so that you don't trip over your heavy lehenga. Heels are a must as you need a bit of height to carry the Lehenga no matter how tall you are. Find these gold darlings here.

For wedding handbags, an emebellished, gold clutch is apt to go with your outfit and to keep your phone and lipstick.

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  1. I just love to see your typical party outfits :)

  2. Beautiful outfits and accessories enjoy your holiday

  3. Great post love <3 So happy you got to see one of your college friends get's so nice when a wedding can also be like a reunion! :)

    XO, Jessi
    Would love for you to check out my latest vlog with L'Oreal!!