Shahar Gulabi..The Pink City

by - 12/14/2016

Our tour of the Pink City started late in the afternoon. We were there to attend the conference remember? I and my daughter were on a relaxing vacation however. For the very first time in my life I was on a relaxing break and not on an adventure. My daughter's first vacation ought to be a special one and I was there to soak in the luxury. My husband however had his professional commitments of attending the conference.
The All India Orthopedic Conference is a kind of festival in itself. Held once a year, the location chosen are as exquisite as the arrangements. Apart from the academic sessions, there are stalls everywhere. Its an event we are looking forward to attend every year whenever feasible (destination and time). There were game stalls, food stalls, photography sessions, fashion store and all sorts of fun. I can't even  recall how many photo booths I entered and got clicked. At the end of the conference I had a heap of Jaipur themed photographs in my hand in the latest of ladies fashion.
So after a lavish lunch, we set our sight seeing. Not much of daylight hours were left so we headed straight towards the Jaigarh Fort. I was dressed in a red lehenga. There is no dearth of options when it comes to dressing for the ocassion as far as women's apparel is concerned. Since it was Rajasthan, fashion for women needed to be ethnic!
Jaipur as you know is the land of kings. There are hundreds of forts all over Rajasthan and three major forts in Jaipur itself. They are: The Amer fort, Nahalgarh Fort and the Jaigarh Fort in the order of altitude. All these three forts are on the Aravalli Hills and we headed to the highest one...The Jaigarh Fort.
Reaching the fort was an uphill task. The winding road to the top would have rendered any motion sickness prone person giddy. Though I am immune to it (I am a traveller duh) I felt really sick. Maybe it had something to do with an overfilled stomach. Well we finally made it to the top after a generous dose of Sprite.
The never ending walls...
The view of the entire city from the top was spectacular. We could see both the other forts from above. The walls gave us a feeling of the Great Wall of China. It was really windy and cold up there and I was scared for our daughter. After romping around there for an hour, we got into our car and came back to the city. The bonus of visiting the fort in the evening? We got to witness the orange sun going down the gorgeous Aravalli Hills.

The gorgeous Hawa Mahal at night!

Here is a list of few items of womens clothing that are apt for ocassions/destinations like this place:

For places like Rajasthan you don't want to show legs unnecessarily. Yet of course you need to be stylish. A monochrome Maxi dress is all what you need! Find this here.

If you want to go ethnic and yet be modern and chic, you should go for a black Anarkali. Find this here.

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This colourful Lehenga is the perfect attire to be worn in Rajasthan. Find this here.
White and blue is a classic combination. When its on a gorgeous Lehenga, its a cherry on the cake! Find this here.

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  1. Amazing travel pictures as always babe!! Looks like you had such an amazing trip with your family! <3

    XO, Jessi