Oia, Santorini

by - 12/17/2016

Dreamy landscape...
It was our third day in Santorini and we had already visited Oia. We had lots of spots left to explore.. Hubs tried to convince me to skip an already visited location for the newer ones. But how could I? I had seen Oia during dusk and hence witnesses the world famous sunset. Yes this is the only place where people applaud after the sun goes down. But I wanted to soak in its beauty in the daytime, in bright sunlight.

WE had been romping all around the island since morning and did not have time for a quick bite. However we could not afford extra time for eating and hence continued with our tour. First it was the Red Beach, then the world famous Santo Winery and then we made our way back to the centre, Fira. Finally it was here where we could grab a bite after breakfast before making our way to the West part of the island, Oia.

Blue doors, windows and urns..
Oia is much more beautiful than what I can describe or what the pictures could say. One can recognise Oia quite easily, there are two huge windmills overlooking the caldera with the blue dome churches in between. Every place has a typical style of church/mosque. The churches of Greek Islands had a blue dome. That was of course so much in sync with the white background!

Even the Greek flag is nautical!
We parked our scooter at the entry of the village. Its impossible to guide your way inside the village on wheels! Then the inevitable climbing started. We had been doing that for the past one week and our morning had been especially rough. But in order to get those views, you have to torture your muscles!

The iconic Greek windmills..
Most of the beautiful spots are private properties as the hotels have bought all the strategic locations. So first you climb up, then there are stairs all the way down to the caldera. Some hotels had open stairs and not only we but many overenthusiastic travellers like us used them to catch  those views.
It was burning hot and we were charred black. But when the surroundings are so pristine, who cribs about getting burnt?

Top: Promod
Skirt: Globus
Purse: Shoppers Stop

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  1. Looks like an amazing place to visit hun! Santorini is definitely on my travel bucket.. looks like you had such an amazing time :) Have an amazing weekend!

    Xo Jessi,

  2. OMG...such gorgeous pics. Take me to santorini..now!


  3. I would like to visit Greece, beautiful pictures

  4. Beautiful photos and you look as though you're having a great time.

  5. Amazing pictures...you have enjoyed a lot. Quite evident from the pictures...:-)